Top 20 Best Selling Gauges Power Tool Accessories (2021)

Its now easy to achieve perfect pre-set stops or set your saw for any angle in between. Tired of leaning over trying to see light between a square and your table saw blade to get exact 90 or 45 degree cuts? Need 22.5 degrees for that curio cabinet corner? ... more info

The Wixey WR25 Mini Digital Height Gauge is a Light Weight, Easy to Use Gauge for all Types of Wood Working Applications. Use this Gauge for Setting Saw Blade and Router Bit Heights as Well as Positioning Fences on Router Tables and Band Saws. The Large E ... more info

80 strips for each pack (160 strips in total)2 X Pack pH test paper ... more info

The Wixey WR365 Digital Angle Gauge with Level is a compact digital angle gauge for woodworking, metal working, automotive and many other uses. These compact gauges have become one of the most coveted workshop setup tools for accurately and quickly setti ... more info

The UEi PDT650 Digital Thermometer is designed with a folding probe so you can keep it safe in your pocket. Use the built-in magnetic mount for hands-free operation. Use the folding probe to keep the UEi PDT650 located in an air-conditioning grill or othe ... more info

Finds exact center in seconds with no calculations. Gives center of round, square, hexagon, and octagon stock for turning in a lathe or other purposes. Maximum 8'' circle and octagon, 8'' square, and 5 3/4'' hexagon. ... more info

CALC IND 6025 - SCALE MASTER PRO ~Dual LCD with full annunciators - ~Battery powered (2) CR2430 - ~Calculate, calibrate, and convert scales and dimensions - ~72 built-in architectural, blueprint, map, engineering scales - ~Linear, area, volume take-offs - ... more info

The new INCRA Miter 1000HD is the most refined model yet in the Miter 1000 series. The HD stands for High Definition, because the protractor plates exclusive AngleLOCK Indexing System has a whopping 180 angle stops in 1degree increments with special stops ... more info

Take the guesswork out of setting up those critical bevel cuts on your table saw, jointer, bandsaw or drill press table. Just set the unit on a flat reference surface, press the ZERO button to calibrate the display then attach it to the saw blade, fence, ... more info

Professional set of 55 degree Whitworth and 60 degree metric thread pitch gauges; This pitch gauge accurately measures internal and external screw threads with 52 folding leaves; The leaves are individually stamped with accurately formed thread profiles; ... more info

The Stair Wizard is the finest stair tread and riser gauge available anywhere that will allow you to install wall-to-wall type treads in half time of traditional methods. The Stair Wizard works by creating an exact template of each tread (or riser), inclu ... more info

The Miter V120 from INCRA has the precision of a higher price-point miter gauge while offering a price that makes it an affordable upgrade to your stock miter gauge. 120 AngleLOCK Indexing Stops. 1 Degree Stop Spacing with Special Stops at +/- 22-1/2 degr ... more info

The Snap-On JH Williams GS-1 master feeler gauge set has a thickness range from .0015 to 1/32-Inch and has 25 blades. Both the decimal and equivalent metric size is etched in each blade. The gauges are supplied in a holder with a knurled lock nut which al ... more info

This precision marking and measuring gauge is one of those gadgets that you absolutely cant get along without once you have used it the first time. Featuring INCRAs Patented Sawtooth Positioning Racks, it can be instantly set to any position without measu ... more info

Rosewood and brass mortise gauge has a single pin on one side, which works as a traditional marking gauge. The opposite side has two pins and a sliding adjustment mechanism for marking mortises. Brass wear strips on the rubbing face. Thumbscrew locking me ... more info

91 built in scales, 50 imperial (feet and inch), and 41 metric, for architectual, engineering, and map scaling. 8 custom scales, store and recall length, width and height values. Autocount value lets you know how many times a specific distance has been ro ... more info

GN21 Features: -Sheet metal gage.-Gage numbers are U.S. standard 0 to 36.-For gagging uncoated sheet metal, plate iron and steel.-Decimal equivalents of each size are stamped on reverse side. Color/Finish: -Satin finished, heavy gage steel is hardened and ... more info

The Irwin Tools 1794488 Angle Locator - Magnetic, also know as a protractor is made of High-Impact ABS plastic. The angle finder features a magnetic base and a V-Groove edge for pipe and conduit. ... more info

DT34-568 Features: -Clamp attachment.-Holds work securely for accurate miter and cut-off operations.-Use with model 34-895 miter gauge. ... more info

Metal gauge housing and liquid packed and vibration free gauges. Large easy-to-grip and anti-broken aluminum alloy knobs. Heavy duty aluminum body and all solid brass fitting. Specification: Blue low-side gauge: 2-3/4-inch diameter, 0-350 PSI. Blue hoses: ... more info

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