Top 20 Best Selling Gas Detectors & Alarms Household Sensors & Alarms (2022)

Detects dangerous levels of Methane and Propane gas. Computerized calibration helps eliminate false alarms. Built-in self-diagnostics assures the unit is operating properly. Easily plugs into any standard 110-120v AC electrical outlet and samples the air ... more info

Features: Detects all HFC (134a) CFC refrigerants Protect the environment! Audio and visual LED light alert when leak is found Excellent sensor with high sensitivity, 6g/yr (0.2oz/yr) Flexible probe allows you to reach into awkward corners and tight spac ... more info

Features: Excellent sensor with high sensitivity,3g/yr (0.1oz/yr) Detect All KINDS OF halogenated refrigerants Flexible stainless steel probe reach to almost any tight space Single color LED display with 7-level leak alarm Tricolor display of battery volt ... more info

Safe-T-Alert 40-44 1-P RV Surface Mount Gas Alarm in Brown Case is Made in USA Test your motorhome or RV propane alarm weekly. For gas safety , replace with a compatible 12 Volt Series 400 Safe-T-Alert Surface Mount Gas Alarm for RV's, Campers, etc. MADE ... more info

The portable gas detector detects potentially dangerous propane, butane, acetylene, and natural gas leaks. Three-stage LED indicator and audible alarm warns when high or low levels are in the air. Great for checking for gas leaks in pipes, fittings, valv ... more info

White 12-Volt Surface Mount 6 inch x 1.875 inch x 1.25 inch 30-442 6 inch x 2.875 inch x 1.25 inch, features, UL listed for recreational vehicle use. Meets RVIA requirements test and reset button mutes alarm during ventilation. Tests all alarm functions i ... more info

Radon is found everywhere. This naturally occurring odorless radioactive gas enters homes from the soil around and under foundations. Radon is the leading cause of lung cancer among non-smokers. The US EPA estimates that over 20,000 Americans die of rad ... more info

The BW Technologies GAXT-X-DL-2 GasAlert oxygen (O2) single-gas detector is a handheld, single-gas detector that uses an electrochemical cell sensor to measure oxygen continuously, and that has audio, visual, and vibration alarms, which alert simultaneou ... more info

Product instruction: The product is wall mounted gas detector with high stability. (hereinafter called detector) , It is used for detecting leaking gas. Advanced semiconductor sensor isadopted to ensure high stability and long life. It is convenient for ... more info

Made in the USA. Easy to operate. The Atwood products is a infinitely adjustable in the extended and retracted position. This conveniently stores out of the way when not in use and is easily accessible when needed. Atwood's E-coat finish ensures durabilit ... more info

10092521 Type: Gas Hydrogen Sulfide (part# 10092521) This item features: -Rated to IP67 protection levels for dust /water ingress. -Triple -alarm system featuring two bright flashing LEDs, a piercing audible alarm, and a vibrating alarm. -Price is for 1 ... more info

Features: - Hand-hold design allows you operating easily and the visual and acoustical alarm can detect the gas resource precisely. And the adjustable beep rate helps to decrease the polluted gas density in the air. - High sensitivity - Quick find the re ... more info

Prevent Propane Explosions or Fires with Early Warning of Safe-T-Alert 40-442-P Gas Alarm This chocolate milk brown Series 400 Safe-T-Alert Flush Mount Propane Gas Alarm RV-40-442A-P Brown for RV's, Campers, etc is a 12V Propane Detector that hard wires t ... more info

BW Technologies vehicle adapter cable for use with cradle charger (M5-C01). ... more info

Parameter Working voltage : AC 220 V Quiescent current : ≤90mA Alarm current : ≤100mA Rated power : ≤3W( AV220V ) Preheating time : about 180 seconds Alarm concentration : 10%±5%LEL ; 0.5±0.25%(VOL%) Alarm indication : ... more info

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