Top 20 Best Selling Garnishing Knives Specialty Knives (2021)

This 5 piece garnishing tool set provides the basic tools to create beautiful vegetable and fruit garnishes. The set consist of 5 different tools, each of which performs a specific garnishing task. This set includes a garnishing knife, a flex knife, a spi ... more info

Create spiral ribbon garnishes for the most exquisite dishes with this garnish cutter. Made from stainless steel, this cutter is the perfect tool to make home made curly fries and beautiful cucumber curls for your salad. The twin curl garnish ribbon cutte ... more info

From Victorinox a durable, professional-grade tool which can be used in the home or in the restaurant. A garnishing tool that doesn't look like a knife but with a sharp cutting edge for cutting strips of peel. The channel knife can be used equally well wi ... more info

This six piece set of U and V-shaped garnishing tools is razor sharp and made of high quality stainless steel. Essential for the practice of the fine art of fruit and vegetable carving, each tool is intelligently designed for the clean cutting of fruit an ... more info

Have fun in the kitchen or on a picnic with the new Kuhn Rikon Apple Knife Colori. You no longer need a separate peeler, corer, or paring knife to prepare apples for desserts or for a quick snack.Have fun in the kitchen or on a picnic with our new Apple ... more info

A Culinary 3 pc knife set with plastic handles, inexpensively specialized for fruit and vegetable carving including a birds beak, seeding knife and paring knife. ... more info

7-Piece garnishing kit includes all you need to make beautiful garnishes. The set includes Channel knife, Zester, double edge peeler, butter curler, melon baller, corer in a handy storage roll. ... more info

The Kuhn Rikon Strawberry Knife Colori is a fun little knife that is super sharp and removes strawberry stems quickly and easily. Use the scooper to remove stems, the blade is the perfect size for slicing and the knife folds up when you are ready to put i ... more info

High quality product with Nirosta 4034 stainless steel standard from Krupp Germany. Knife blades through hardening process. Set of 3 includes: 2 birds beak blade, 3 blade coring and 3 blade paring knife - with 4 plastic handle. ... more info

Firm Grip, garnishing/serrated knife utensil is patented, with ergonomic soft grip handle. The non-slip grip provides comfort and safety. Individually carded for merchandising and dishwasher safe. ... more info

ARCOS leading European knife manufacturer, producing knives in Spain since 1745, launches a new range of professional gadgets. Specially designed for picking fish bones, this Arcos 4-1/2-inch fish pincer is fully made of stainless steel. Used mainly by pr ... more info

The Wolfgang Puck 12 Pc. Garnish Essentials Set includes eleven easy-to-use tools which allow you to prep and decorate a variety of fruits and vegetables. Each piece features a stylish, easy grip handle that is made of silicone and a stainless steel inser ... more info

Finally. From Kuhn Rikon a knife worthy of the pineapple. The serrated nonstick Japanese carbon steel blade slices easily through the tough skin. Holes in blade keep slices from sticking to blade. Matching sheath to protect blade for storage. ... more info

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