Top 20 Best Selling Garden Twine & Twist Ties Gardening Tools (2021)

This sturdy twist tie with cutter is for home and garden use. A handy tie for vegetables, shrubs and flowers. Made of california plastic. Measures 164-feet long. ... more info

Lehigh Group 530X Jute Twine Heavy DutyLehigh Group 530X Jute Twine Heavy Duty Features: Lehigh's Pull-From-The-Center pack twine is the most popular twine in the country Popular for recycling, handyman, kitchen, gardening, and crafts Unique over wrap off ... more info

This sturdy stretch tie is continuous roll of strong, durable stretch tie. Cut to length as needed. Expands with the growth of the plant. Measures 1/2-inch thickness by 150-feet length. ... more info

Plenty of silver twist ties for closing candy and other food treat bags with an elegant and quality look. Flexible wire ties are perfect for weddings, parties and other special occasions. Ties measure 7-1/4-inch standard length and 150 ties per package. ... more info

Great to support your plants throughout their growth. Use them to tie your plants to stakes, trellis or support wire. Commonly used to help support tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and any tall plant. ... more info

Handy for home and garden use. 100 8'' ties per hang up poly package. Plastic coated. ... more info

Natural jute. Green color. In a dispenser can with cutting blade. Large 325' spool. ... more info

**Material: Plastic** Color: Black Flat** Length: 5 (12.7cm)** Width: 5/32 **Wire Gauge: 27** Packing: 100pcs/bag** (We have 7 colors, Black, Blac Oval, Red, Green, White, White Oval and Blue for your choices. We also have 7 and 65FT Spool with cutter of ... more info

LUSTER LEAF INC JUTE 800', 4.5. Green Jute. Tomato Twine. ... more info

This jute twine for plant support. Green color to hide in foliage. Measures 200-feet length. ... more info

Make a C with your left hand's pointer finger and thumb. That's how the Ultimate Plant Clip fits in your hand and it's so easy to use. You can quickly secure stems and fruit to your stake or line gone is the awkward, difficult and time consuming process t ... more info

6,300ft box/tube of tomato twine used in trellising tomatoes and other garden plants. UV resistant for long life in the field. 3 pound box (marked as 2,300ft/lb) heavy duty strength. ... more info

Material: Metallic***Color: Gold** Length: 4 (10cm)** Width: 5/32** Wire Gauge: 27** Packing: 100pcs/bag** -------------- ------*****For 1000pcs 4 gold twist ties, the special price $9.68. Please check our store or search ASIN# B00581M3JC) ... more info

This sturdy vine support use on any surface disks glue to wall, ties attach to disks. For training and support of all climbing vines. Easy to use. Includes: Twenty five 6-inch plastic coated twists, 16 plastic disks and tube of adhesive. ... more info

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