Top 20 Best Selling Games Software (2021)

Defuse a Toxic Plot and Reveal the Truth Behind Kate Drew's Death. Nearly a decade ago Agent Kate Drew left home to neutralize a biochemical weapon in Scotland. While her assignment was a success, Kate died in a car accident. Or so we were told. Now the e ... more info

Travel the trails and make history e alive! Product InformationAre you ready to walk in the footsteps of those courageouspioneers? Catch a glimpse of a sunset over Chimney rock? Explore Fort Laramieand ford the Platte River? With The Oregon Trail 5th Edit ... more info

It's 1930, and you, as Nancy Drew, find yourself racing against the clock to save 17-year old Emily Crandall from financial and emotional ruin. Her mother鈥檚 death, followed by a frightening explosion, a brazen theft, and a contested inheritance, have bro ... more info

The Hardy Boys have invited you, as Nancy Drew, on a train ride out West to solve a century-old secret. This mysterious train was found in Blue Moon Canyon, and its owner, Jake Hurley, seems to have disappeared, along with the location of his legendary m ... more info

While snowed-in at the Wickford Castle Ski Resort, you, as Nancy Drew are trapped in a castle that was Marie Antoinette's last hiding place. Uncover the rich history of the lodge, as well as some mysterious events, all leading to the hidden treasure. Solv ... more info

Get out of the stands and on to the field as your favorite MLB players (as children) go head-to-head for the pennant. ... more info

Putt-Putt Saves the Zoo challenges and inspires kids to think for themselves in creative and flexible ways. Today's the grand opening of the Cartown Zoo, Putt-Putt and Pep need your child's help to reunite the little ones with their parents before Outback ... more info

Step Right Up! Discover the Circus with Putt-Putt! Mr. B.J. Sweeney needs you and Putt-Putt to help his five main acts get ready for the show. They will encounter challenges and have fun at the same time. ... more info

It's time to head out to the field for another round of soccer action with the backyard kids and real pro players as kids. Build the championship soccer team of your dreams. It's the chance of a lifetime to play with the pros in your own backyard! Think ... more info

Start your engines... the race is about to begin!Product InformationHot Wheels Stunt Track Driver lets yourace through six challenging stunt tracks from behind the wheel of your favoriteHot Wheels cars. Control acceleration braking and turns while flying ... more info

Nancy Drew is back yet again. Danger on Deception Island features a mystery involving an orphaned orca off the Northwest Pacific coast. ... more info

Fashion designer Minette might be at the height of her career, but rumors have been flying about her bizarre behavior. Is this designer diva coming apart at the seams, or is someone keeping her spring collection unfashionably behind schedule? It's up to ... more info

You, as Nancy Drew, are invited by a friend to San Francisco to assist in the renovation of a Victorian mansion. But, there are other uninvited guests, visitors from the past--spirits who want the place all to themselves. Nancy suspects that there is anot ... more info

You, as Nancy Drew, must explore a seaside amusement park that's swirling with secrets. Late at night, the merry-go-round takes off on bizarre riderless journeys to nowhere. Are the painted ponies searching for their missing lead horse, or is there anoth ... more info

Minette is rocketing to the top of the haute couture world as her fashion designs are being heralded as awe inspiring. She is trying to finish her Spring Collection on time, yet her investors are noticing something is amiss. Minette has ambitious deadline ... more info

Today's the big day as the curious little convertible prepares for the Cartown 500. Redline Rick is eager to start the race but Putt-Putt and Pep need a few items before they are ready to roll. ... more info

Grab your compass! Putt-Putt needs your child's help to find him. Together, they'll leap through time - exploring new dimensions and discovering surprising new friends. ... more info

Explore, tunnel, and excavate in the underground tunnels of an unexplored planet, light years from home. Establish and maintain the Rock Raiders HQ, protecting it and your teammates from the menacing Rock monsters and other creatures of the underground. O ... more info

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