Top 20 Best Selling Game Calls Duck (2021)

Duck Commander Uncle Si Duck Call will get 'em right into the decoys, Jack. Designed to be raspy and easy to blow, the Uncle Si is nothing short of ducky. This is a great Call for a beginner - but will ring for a seasoned caller. This single-reed classic ... more info

Hand-tuned and tested by The Duck men, this Advantage MAX-4 HD call is the most versatile in the Duck Commander line. Has a precise hen mallard sound, blown soft or loud. ... more info

Patented 3-reed design is pure duck with a little extra kick鈥攊t easily replicates the quack, feed call and hail call of a mallard hen. This unique system replicates these sounds more easily, due to the different combination of reed material stacked togeth ... more info

The Pintail/Widgeon call is part of our Specialty Series. The Specialty series not only aid in attracting off-ducks, but also act as a confidence call when late season ducks get wary of regular calling. The Duck Commander Specialty calls are the most life ... more info

You're a true fan of Duck Dynasty and now you can be a true Duck Commander with the Duck Dynasty Duck Commander Ole Raspy Duck Call. ... more info

Made of high impact plastic, this single reed call is part of our specialty series of calls that is great for flying or sitting sounds and will make the most realistic wood duck call on the market. ... more info

The wood duck-Feets call, both sitting on the water and flying overhead, is a sound that rings forth from all wetlands and swamps. The high quality hardwood barrel gives the Classic Wood Duck call from Primos its rich tones that are hard for wood ducks to ... more info

Flextone technology in the barrel and bell gives this call the most natural sound available by more accurately mimicking the soft flexible tissue of a ducks neck and tongue. The single reed tone board will do anything from loud hail calls to soft nasally ... more info

The Dove call is easy to use. For morning or afternoon hunts, the call can be used to entice doves closer for that perfect show. To recreate sounds of the different species of doves, vary the rhythm according to the species of dove you are trying to call. ... more info

The Duck Commander said it best, this call is ugly, but deadly. The only Gadwall drake call on the market. A great confidence call for those late-season hunts. ... more info

A near perfect mimic of the Mallard Drake, this call is ideal for call-shy and late-season mallards. Easy to blow. ... more info

This great Buck Gardner The Finisher Duck Call Combo Pack is a combo pack that gives you everything you need to get started with duck calling. This combo includes Buck's Mallard Magic duck call and the 6N1 Pintail Whistle. The Mallard Magic duck call was ... more info

The Lohman Gold Series duck call is designed to be extra loud with its field proven, easy-to blow call. ... more info

Attract call-shy late season sucks with the Buck Gardner 6-in-1 Pintail Whistle Duck Call. This versatile confidence call works perfectly for mallard drakes, pintail drakes, wood duck drakes, widgeon drakes and more. Calling instructions included. ... more info

Video Guide To Aid Climbingdvd, Green Gear, Publisher - Green Gear ... more info

The official lanyard of Phil Robertson and the Duckmen, the Duck Commander Cut-Em Lanyard image allows you to custom organize your duck call lanyard. All you have to do is un-snap the swivel then place the call where you want it. Each swivel is compliment ... more info

Converts your 20 gauge shotgun to use any size 410 shell or 45 colt ammo. This is a Short Lane Brand adapter and is the Most Accurate adapter you can buy! ... more info

Due To Popular Demand Duck Commander Has Released Its First Ever Single Reed Duck Call, The Shadow. Designed To Be Raspy And Easy To Blow, This Call Is Nothing Short Of Ducky. This Is A Great Call For A Beginner Or A Seasoned Caller. Made Of Polycarbonate ... more info

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