Top 20 Best Selling Fuses Electrical Replacement Parts (2021)

Set contains the seven most commonly replaced fuses in today's cars, trucks, and SUV's Color coded for easy identification ... more info

20-pc. 5 Amp 20-pc. 10 Amp 20-pc. 15 Amp 20-pc. 20 Amp 20-pc. 25 Amp & 20-pc. 30 Amp ... more info

Specifications: product weight: 70g product size: 90*47*27mm color: black SSID: wifi OBD IP: Subnet: port: 35000 range: 50ft (line of sight) antenna: Internal power consumption: 0.75 watts (with power switch) wifi standard: 802. ... more info

Packed in a rugged plastic storage case. Assortment contains:. (20) 5A. (20) 10A. (20) 15A. (20) 20A. (20) 25A. (20) 30A. ... more info

These devices are precision timing circuits capable of producing accurate time delays or oscillation. In the time-delay or monostable mode of operation, the timed interval is controlled by a single external resistor and capacitor network. In the astable m ... more info

Plated metal screw connectors, plastic outer. Each pair of terminals is insulated from the next. ... more info

5 pcs. GMA 10A Fast-Blow Fuse Glass 5x20mm Sold in sets of 5. If you add 20 to cart, that will be a box (100 pcs.) Series: GMA Rated Current (amp): 10A Blow Characteristic: Fast Blow (Fast Burn) Body Diameter: 5mm (3/16 in) Body Length: 20mm (3/4 in) Part ... more info

Description: Here includes 10 pieces of ferrite cable clips, black color, fit for clasping 5mm diameter cable. ... more info

Absolute ANL100-2 2 Pack ANL Fuses 100 Amp Gold Plated ... more info

10 pcs 9V wired battery clip connector, features faux leather shell, T type, 2 wire connection, black red in color. Simple operation, compact size, ideal replacements for replacing your old or damaged ones. ... more info

The GTC fuse socket connector kit consists of three connector sizes. A MINI, an ATO and a MAXI to cover the most common fuse socket size requirements in the automotive and vehicular electrical repair field. These specially designed, plastic encapsulated c ... more info

No SPLICING or WIRE CUTTING necessary to install your electronic accessories! This high quality Add a circuit/fuse kit allows easy installation of additional circuits without cutting or spicing. Turn one fuse slot into two while providing protection for b ... more info

Description: Black color, 10 Pcs are included here, you can use it convenient for clasping 7mm diameter cable. ... more info

Absoluute ANL200-2 2 Pack ANL Fuses 200 Amp Gold Plated ... more info

1200W; 17-Ft, 4-Gauge, Red Linkflex Power Cable; 17-Ft Rca Cable; 3-Ft, 4-Gauge, Black Linkflex Ground Cable; 17-Ft, 18-Gauge, Blue Remote Wire; 25-Ft, 16-Gauge, Speaker Wire; Agu Heat-Resistant Fuse Holder; 60 Amp Agu Fuse; 6-Ft Split Loom; Wire Ties & A ... more info

All DB Link Audio products are committed to providing the highest quality accessories conforming to rigid industry standards. ... more info

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