Top 20 Best Selling Fuse Holders Electrical Replacement Parts (2021)

This kit contains 7 kinds of car fuses which are common used for most autos. They are available from 5 amps to 30 amps; Each fuse is with its amp colored coded for your easy recognition. Save money and be ready for most automotive electrical outges, meet ... more info

These fuse holders are sutable for glass tube fuses 5 x 20mm. Comes up with 5 pieces. ... more info

Scotty #1124 is a marine grade, in-line fuse holder and comes complete with a 30 amp fuse. ... more info

The Earthquake Sound FH-100 ANL Fuse Block/Holder comes complete with an included 100-amp ANL fuse, and accepts one 0-4 gauge input. The fuse holder is triple-plated with 24K gold for a highly conductive finish. The FH-100 is designed for high-current app ... more info

This Panel Mount Fuse Holder is a great choice for you! It is features screw cap, suitable for 6 x 30mm type fuse; With screw cap and solder-lug terminals; Fuse holder is only, fuse is not included here. ... more info

The Molded Fuse holder is a versatile fuse holder for in-line applications. Regular duty: Use with ATO fuse 1 to 20 amperes. Supplied with two 4 inch wire leads of 16 gauge black wire. Heavy duty: Use with ATO 25 and 30 ampere fuses for air conditioner or ... more info

Quality rubber fuse holder with attached protective cover and 8 gauge wire. Accepts MAXI fuses up to 60 amps. Fuse not included ... more info

High Quality AGU Glass Fuse Holders 16# AWG / 8 Loop Bayonet Type ... more info

WirthCo Battery Doctor In-Line ATO/ATC Fuse Holder with Cover is designed with a 30 ampere in-line fuse holder for blade fuses. It features a water resistant cap and 12-gauge wire. The loop length is 5.5 inches. A 30 ampere fuse is included. For over 30 y ... more info

The FH-20 is a high current handling inline waterproof fuse holder that accepts one 0, 2, or 4 gauge in/output and is rated to handle up to 300 amps of current. Finished in a satin nickel plating with hardened black anodized steel set screws and transluce ... more info

Standard 1-1/4 fuseholder. Overall length 2-1/4 with 18 gauge wires. ... more info

3AG/AGC Glass Fuse Holder. Bakelite body and 14 gauge wire loop ... more info

This kit contains 2 of the following: 5A 7.5A 10A 15A 20A 25A 30A As vehicles begin to incorporate more and more technology and add more equipment, the available space for circuit protection devices often becomes less. Fortunately new fuse designs counter ... more info

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