Top 20 Best Selling Funnels Fuel Transfer & Lubrication (2021)

The Multi-Purpose Funnel fits all sizes of filler tubes. ... more info

The locking oil funnel holds the bottle while pouring ... more info

The TEKTON 6094 2-in-1 Funnel with Flex Extension is used for engine oil, coolant, gasoline, kerosene and other fluids. It is constructed of a chemical-resistant polyethylene with a removable flex extension to adjust the flow of liquid, if desired. This f ... more info

2 quart capacity battery filler is safe to use with battery acid. ... more info

The spill-free funnel has been improved by adding an extra 45 degree elbow, a 5 inch extension, and a new E-adapter. The E-adapter is used on the surge tanks on many Ford applications. The 45 degree elbow allows the use on radiator caps that are placed at ... more info

FloTool offers a full line of oil change products for both the DIYer as well as professionals. ... more info

The Giant Funnel is ideal for large jobs. ... more info

The combination funnel with flex spout is ideal for auto, marine, farm, fleet uses. perfect for any oil change, power steering fluids, anti-freeze or for filling transmissions, radiators, gas tanks and other hard-to-fill openings. This multi-purpose, thre ... more info

Change the oil in your motorcycle without the headache of the mess with the Ernst Greg's Drip-Free Oil Filter Funnel. For all Harley Davidson Evo and TwinCam 1985 to current with forward spin on oil filter. Fits all Touring, Dyna, Softail, and Sportsters. ... more info

The Heavy Duty Mult-Purpose Funnels provide you with a tool for all uses. ... more info

Saves time and eliminates spills and mess. It is improved. Includes threaded cap and adapter for newer GM threaded style radiator openings. The spill-free funnel eliminates trapped air pockets which usually cause erratic cooling system and heater performa ... more info

The Heavy Duty Transmission Funnel is an all-purpose 18 Funnel made from high quality copolymer plastic for a long life. ... more info

The plastic utility funnel is rugged, corrosion resistant, and an all-purpose funnel. It has durable, oil resistant plastic which is safe for all petroleum products. It is complete with handy storage hanging tabs. It has 16 ounce (480 ml) capacity and rig ... more info

This 6 quart oil dispenser is made of translucent (see through) polyethylene material that enables the user to read the liquid level on the container. ... more info

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