Top 20 Best Selling Fume & Smoke Extraction Soldering Equipment (2021)

360 Products North America: 360 Siphon Holding Tank Fume Extractor, White. Sewer cap prevents holding tank fumes and gases from entering the RV living spaces. Installs on rooftop holding tank vent pipe and easily replaces existing debris covers on all RVs ... more info

Replacement activated carbon filter for Hakko Corporation 493 and FA-400, Xytronic 426DLX and 456DLX,and Aoyue 486 bench top smoke absorber. 5 pack. Heavier carbon load than competition. Individual carbon filter dimensions are 130 mm x 130 mm x 10 mm (5 1 ... more info

The Weller volume extractor is sold 1 pack per case and is another quality product from Weller. Provides 87 cfm of air. Overall noise level is rated at 50 db (a). Input voltage needs to be 120 v ac. Includes: Replacement Filter. ... more info

This SA Series Smoke Absorber features an Aerodynamic hood design which effectively draws irritating soldering fumes away from the work area. Carbon-impregnated filters trap a limited portion of the flux fumes. Compact size, low profile and adjustable sta ... more info

The Xytronic 426DLX incorporates a built in high efficiency, low noise, brushless mini fan. Easy to replace activated carbon filter effectively absorbs noxious flux and lead fumes. Quickly removes smoke and fumes. ... more info

Replacement activated carbon filter for Weller WSA 350 bench top smoke absorber. 5 pack. Heavier carbon load than competition. Individual carbon filter dimensions are 130 mm x 130 mm x 10 mm (5 1/8x5 1/8x3/8). Note:Not affiliated with Cooper Industries In ... more info

Breathe easy with the Hakko FA-400 bench top smoke absorber. The FA-400 removes soldering smoke and fumes quickly, safely and efficiently. The unit can be used in a vertical (standing up) position or low-profile position (laying down.) When used in the lo ... more info

Replacement Filters for Hakko FA-430 Fume Extraction System Pre-filters (10 pk.) ... more info

Boston fans are a great way to provide cool, quiet comfort in any environment. With a range of sizes and motors, these fans are a breath of fresh air for a home, a single workstation, or an entire department, and all are designed to run quietly for minima ... more info

RV holding tank odor problems?Eliminate the Cause and don't just continue to treat the Symptoms.Moving air is all around us, its a free resource that can be used as an extremely efficient tool. Most stacks, vents and chimneys are used to exhaust air or ga ... more info

Primary Cartridge/Refillable Carbon Module for use with Model 981 Fume Extractor. Designed to handle not only visible particulate but also harmful chemical vapors. High efficiency cartridge filter, with reusable perforated metal core, and filled with acti ... more info

Powerful yet quiet, the FA-430 protects workers from both noise and harmful smoke. Built-in silencer reduces exhaust noise without sacrificing suction performance. Adjustable air volume lets you select the airflow best suited for your environment. Automat ... more info

Pre-filter, 5/pk. For use with FX225 Fume Extraction System. ... more info

Don't subject yourself to irritating, harmful smoke and fumes while soldering. This compact and efficient fume extractor makes long soldering sessions much more comfortable. ... more info

Pre filter for BVX-100 Fume Extraction System. 5/Pk. ... more info

The Hakko A1033 is a set of 10 ceramic filter paper (large) for desoldering tools 802, 808, 800L, 707, 807 and 817. ... more info

This HEPA filter removes contaminants as small as 0.01 micron. This makes it ideal for removing irritating particles that contribute to allergies and asthma. The Clean Air Replacements filter is made of a closely pleated sheets of waterproof, all-glass fi ... more info

The Hakko A1585 is a pack of 10 pre-filters for the FA-430 or HJ3100 fume extraction units. ... more info

Primary rotational filter. Set of 5 for the FXF11 Fuminator. ... more info

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