Top 20 Best Selling Fuel Injection Systems Cleaners Fuel System Tools (2022)

Quickly and cleanly removes and prevents fuel injector deposits, and loosens and dissolves carbon on intake manifold and valves. Enhances engine performance, improves fuel economy, reduces maintenance and improves emissions. Uses standard shop-air to d ... more info

Tests electronic fuel injection systems on GM TBI, Bosch PFI, Ford TBI, GM PFI, Geo TBI, GM SCPI, Bosch 2 and GM MULTEC2 equipped vehicles. Set also contains: straight IAC signal tester for use on 1987 to current GM number 700 TBI and PFI fuel injection s ... more info

* Kit comes complete with adapters for both direct and indirect diesel injected cars engine * Professional Quality Kit * Checks diesel engine compression under cranking conditions * Small profile, quick coupling adapters: for speed and securit ... more info

This Professional Fuel Injection Master Fitting Kit from OTC puts a full coverage fuel system service kit in your toolbox and greater service opportunities in your shop. This kit from OTC comes with an analog fuel pressure gauge preferred by professional ... more info

This Professional Master Fuel Injection Service Kit was Manufactured by OTC for MAC TOOLS. It Does not Include the 1997-2008 fuel injection service application manual ... more info

This fuel injection cleaner connects directly to your shop air supply. When used with recommended solvents it will clean injectors more effectively than aerosol methods. Includes the gauge, hose, instructions and a tools and techniques manual. ... more info

Features and Benefits: Check the vehicle fuel pressure with the right hand gauge, and easily set cleaning pressure with the left hand gauge Restores the original spray pattern more effectively, giving improved performance, fuel economy, and emission tests ... more info

Grips studs up to 3/4 diameter 2 holes for smaller or larger studs Removes studs, rounded nuts or bolts Cam lock system grips securely, won't bind Hardened teeth with black oxide finish Use with any 1/2 drive ratchet Heavy Duty Design, weighs 1.5 lb ... more info

Suitable for a wide range of diesel vehicles. Set of 5 cutters for re-cutting injector seats when reconditioning diesel engines or replacing the injectors. Re - face the diesel injector seat in order for the new or reconditioned injector to be fitted corr ... more info

Motorcraft Fuel Injector Cleaners are designed, engineered and tested to meet durability and reliability under extreme conditions. They are built to maximize the performance are made from high-quality materials. They offer high resistance ensuring lasting ... more info

INCLUDES Particular Fittings FOR : Kit Attachment #1 - 2.5L & 5.7L (Non Multi-Port) For vehicles with quick connect fuel filters such as 2.5L Olds庐 Ciera 1989 & up, and 5.7L Chevrolet庐 Caprice 1991 & up. Attach #2 - General Motors庐 2.2L (Non Multi-Port) ... more info

10 piece kit capable of cleaning fuel injectors, intake valves, and fuel passages. ? Works on gasoline & diesel engines ? Cleans much more thoroughly than aerosol methods ? Make connections quick and easy using SUR&R's exclusive quick connectors ? Holds u ... more info

Snow Performance offers all of the spare parts that you may need for use with your Snow Performance Boost Cooler kits. These boost switches are constructed from steel and plastic and have a natural finish. ... more info

Fitting, 90 Degree, For Use With Canister And Pressure Gauge, Cupreous, For GM/Chrysler Fuel InjectorAdapter ... more info

Fuel Injector NOT INCLUDED. 8 Complete Sets for 8 injectors. ... more info

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