Top 20 Best Selling Fruits Plants, Seeds & Bulbs (2020)

Newly rediscovered heirloom. Produces abundant crops of 1-2 fruits that have the appearance of miniature watermelons, and fall off the vines when ripe. Actually a sweet cucumber flavor, contrasted by a surprising sourness, as if they are already pickled! ... more info

* There are Crimson Sweet Watermelon seeds in our store as well as Cantaloupe, Honey Dew, Papaya, and many more Melon seeds! * ** FREE SHIPPING ON ANY ADDITIONAL SEEDS! PAY ONLY ONE FLAT SHIPPING FEE OF $2.50 FOR US ORDERS NO MATTER HOW MANY YOU ORDER! ... more info

Mexican Sour Gherkins (aka Mexican Mini Watermelons) (Melothria scabra) Newly rediscovered heirloom. Produces abundant crops of 1-2 fruits reminiscent of tiny watermelons that fall off the vines when ripe. Sweet cucumber flavor contrasted by a surprising ... more info

PASSION FLOWER: Passion flowers are exotic looking topical plants that can actually be grown in much milder areas. There are many different passion flower plants. Some passion flowers are vines, some produce edible fruits. The genus Passiflora contains ov ... more info

This improved cultivator produces dainty little pointed Blue berries with an ambrosial woodland flavor. Forms compact perennial plants that grow in pretty leafy mounds and produce fruits the first summer from seed to enjoy all season long. These special p ... more info

SD-0553 NEW Black STRAWBERRY, GIANT, wild, LARGEST FRUIT, EVERBEARING (40seeds) ... more info

Listing is for 25 Pre-stratified Thornless Blackberry SEEDS Pre-stratified means: that these seeds have been wet stored for 2 months at approximately 3 degrees C to simulate their natural dormant stage and are ready to start germination when you receive ... more info

* We also have Red Raspberry, Black Raspberry, Blueberry, Cranberry, and Strawberry seeds available in the store along with all kinds of other delicious fruits, so stop by and see them! * ... more info

Natchez, a thornless blackberry variety with large, sweet fruit is generally available for the first time this season. The variety was released by the University of Arkansas in 2007 but plants haven't been plentiful until this season. There should be an ... more info

15 DWARF PINEAPPLE/STRAWBERRY GUAVA SEEDS In addition to producing fragrant fruit and tasty flower the pineapple guava tree is an evergreen ornamental. The small gray-green leaves and cinnamon brown bark provide year-round beauty. In late spring, Feijoa ... more info

Maypop tolerates drought well and is common in old fields and along forest margins. Dies back to ground in winter but recovers in spring. Propagation: Seeds, cuttings. Grow maypop vines on fences or trellises or allow it to scramble over shrubs and trees ... more info

(Cucumis melo) Melons love heat. Sow seeds outdoors in 12 diameter hills after danger of frost has passed and soil has warmed. Space hills 6' apart in all directions. Seeds will germinate in 4-10 Days. Can also be started indoors 2-3 weeks before last fro ... more info

Tribute strawberry plants shipped as bare root crowns are a day neutral strawberry plant. Grown organic, our bare root Tribute strawberry plants are ready to plant in your garden. Tribute strawberry plants produce medium sized berries with delicious, sw ... more info

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