Top 20 Best Selling Fog Machines Live Sound & Stage (2021)

450W Heater Output: 1500 Cubic Ft Per Min 1 Pint Tank Capacity Free Pint Of Fog Includes Wired Remote (Fc-1) Manual Fog Button Dim: 9.5H X 5.5W X 4.3D Power 110V ... more info

Humidor Solution PG Propylene Glycol Pre-mixed 50/50 Humidifying Solution is pre-made and mixed to exact specifications to activate and regulate your Humidor to 70% - 75% humidity. There is no need to add tap or distilled water. Our 50/50 Humidor Fluid i ... more info

The Eliminator Lighting Ef-400 Is A Small Application Fog Machine With A 400 Watt Heating Element. It Covers 1500 Cubic Feet Per Minute, Comes With A Wired Remote With Power Indicator and 1 Quart Of Fog Juice. ... more info


Premium fluid for all foggers. Water-based non-toxic formula for clean, safe operation with minimal irritation. Produces dense, unscented, long lasting fog. Great for Lighting Effects this Fog Juice is a water based fog machine fluid formulated to create ... more info

Froggys Fog Swamp Juice is a water based fog machine fluid formulated to create an extremely long lasting / super long hang time fog. When you hear about Froggy's Fog, you almost always hear the words Swamp Juice as well. It is being used by thousands of ... more info

Brand New Chauvet HFG High Performance Haze Juice Fluid GallonFeatures:New and improved version of HJUFormulated specifically for use in all water-based haze machinesGenerates a thin mist of hazeDoesn't stain or leave residueNon-toxic, non-flammable & uns ... more info

The Bog Fog Extreme High Density HDF mix from Froggys Fog generates an extremely high density, white, airborne fog with a very high index of refraction and slower evaporation rate. It is well suited for scenic obscuring and strobes white-out. It is a very ... more info

The American DJ Eco Fog Juice is made from water based pharmaceutical grade ingredients, each approved by the FDA. ECO FOG Fog Juice produces white clouds of smoke when used with American DJ® fog machines (may be used in other water based fog machines) ... more info

American Dj Snow Juice Gallon For Use With The Snow Flurry ... more info

Blowing Smoke For fun or science. And it's not actually smoke, but a fog created the same way they do for movies and heavy metal concerts. The Wizard Stick is a fog-producing wand, 10 long on a 4-5/8 x 2-1/4 base, and comes with an instruction manual for ... more info

What's in the Package The product comes with 1 x Product Body with Power Cable 1 x Wired Control Cable and Box 1 x User Manual Specifications Power Sources: Input AC120V 60Hz Power Consumption: 400W Warm Up Time: 4-5 Minutes Tank Capacity: 500ml Fog Outpu ... more info

The Eliminator Lighting Ef-1000 Is A Large Application Fog Machine With A 1000 Watt Heating Element. Covers 4500 Cubic Feet Per Minute and Comes With A Wired Remote With Power Indicator. ... more info

Keep your Chauvet Hurricane Haze 2 or Arena Hazer 3 haze machine filled up with the haze fluid that's specially made for it. Get Chauvet's Haze Fluid Gallon Refill! ... more info

Mister Kool Mister Kool is a revolution in affordable low-lying fog machines! Now there is no longer any need for expensive fog chillers, bulky air conditioning units or dry ice create the “hanging fog effect”. Mister Kool uses standard fog fluid and ic ... more info

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