Top 20 Best Selling Flying Toys Novelty & Gag Toys Toys (2021)

Includes (1) parachute. 100% recyclable and reusable. Attractive packaging. No string to tangle. No batteries to replace. Made from plastic and nylon. Multi color. No assembly required. 2 in. L x 2 in. W x 6 in. H (0.12 lbs.) The world's finest Tangle Fre ... more info

8 inch foam glider plane. Assorted styles. Individually packaged. Easy to assemble. These styrofoam flying gliders definitely have the right stuff, requiring very little assembly while providing lots of fun. Just attach the body to the wings and let ... more info

The Champion Sports Multi-Colored Parachute is made of rip stop nylon material. Each panel is double stitched for strength and a reinforced mesh center allows air flow also preventing balls from rolling through the middle. The 6 handles are double stitche ... more info

Balsa wood gliders are still some of the best flyers around, and for a few dollars you can put a plane together and have hours of fun. Balsa wood is a fast-growing, sustainable, renewable resource that naturally decomposes. ... more info

One of the most popular hobby throwing boomerangs in history. You cannot and will not go wrong selecting this model for teenagers and adults ( not for small children under 11 ). Very cool paint job with a durable clor finish. Great hover for easy catches. ... more info

Experience the fun and clever ingenuity of the Australian outback with the Wooden Boomerang. Simply find yourself an open area and let the boomerang go for a spin--no need to chase after it, because it will come right back to you! A unique toy for birthda ... more info

Colorado Boomerangs does not sell to resellers so don't get fooled by others showing this boomerang available for sale. And only we include our 22 page how to throw booklet. The Pro-Sport is a classic V-Omega boomerang with a range of 30+ meters. It is ma ... more info

The Glacier has been one of the most popular starter boomerangs in history. Hand Crafted in the USA since 1987. ... more info

These little Ninja Paratroopers are coming out of the sky to take on the enemy when you add them to your party favors! Each 1.25-inch ninja has its own parachute. Just toss them up in the air and watch them float silently (and deadly) to the ground. (48 p ... more info

16 Boomerang in assorted colors, when thrown properly will come back to you. ... more info

Attractive new neon color packaging. Paratroopers glow in the dark. Black netting. Strap for a super glow effect. Made from plastic and nylon. Multi color. No assembly required. 2 in. L x 2 in. W x 6 in. H (0.12 lbs.) We have given the best Tangle Free To ... more info

A 13 1 4'' wing span motorplane that flies hand launched or R.O.G. colorfully printed wing, canopy, and tail surfaces. Formed wire landing gear, plastic propeller, and nose bearing. Ideal contest flyer. ... more info

Prepare for liftoff with these Space Shuttle Foam Gliders. With these fun gliders, children will be dreaming of reaching the stars. ... more info

Mini vinyl paratroopers (1.5) come in assorted colors. Kids throw them up and watch them float to the ground thanks to their plastic parachutes. These are a fun party favor for any party and great carnival prizes. Kids have loved them for years. ... more info

Powered by a replacebale rubber band, extra rubber band included. Flies by flapping its wings. ... more info

Power Up 2.0, the paper airplane conversion kit. Each kit contains: Power module. Quick charging pack. Extra propeller and 4 airplane designs. Designed by Shai Goitein. ■Convert your home made paper airplane into a free flight electric airplane. ■20 secon ... more info

High-flying gliders have an aerodynamic, lightweight design for long flights. Each foam plane has a 22 wingspan, is easy to assemble, and is designed to do fun loops and tricks. ... more info

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