Top 20 Best Selling Fly Tying Tools & Materials Fly Tying Kits (2019)

This fly tying kit includes a beginner fly tyer book; fly king vise; scissors; bobbin and thread; hackle pliers; half-hitch tool; dubbing wax and head ... more info

A great gift or the perfect starter fly-tying tool kit for any angler. This all-inclusive kit contains the Orvis Fly-Tying Manual, a cam-action vise, scissors, whip finisher, hackle pliers, dubbing needle, bobbin, bobbin threader, and hair stacker. Materi ... more info

* Scissors * Bobbin * Whip finisher * Brass Bodkin * hackle Pliers * Brass Threader * Hair Spinner * Vice and Base in a wooden Carry case ... more info

APPALACHIAN Mark III True Rotary Vise, Tools & Storage Box, 14 Items - Best Choice! Squeeze the lever, insert hook, release the lever - that simple! US Patent # 4969636 awarded to Anil S Gautam (ASG), owner Appalachian Fly Products. Mark III vise has uniq ... more info

A perfect tool for hackling and handling your flies. ... more info

Salt Water Fly Tying Material Kit This Kit Contains Packs of Holographic Flash, Super Hair, Crystal Mirror Flash, Saltwater Saddle, CCT Body Fur, Peacock Herl, Chinchella Saddle, Juicy Legs, Cactus Chenille, Everglow Tubing, Foam Popper Heads, Dumbell Ey ... more info

A superb beginner fly tying kit with all the tools you need to get started. In addition, we have added a nice mixture of assorted materials, tying thread, hooks, and beads to make this a perfect holiday gift tying kit. Great for kids and adults. Kit comes ... more info

APPALACHIAN TOOL KIT - Premium MARK III continual 360 rotation Vise, Tools & Storage Box, 15 Items - Best Choice! Features: Mark III Rotary Fly Tying Vise: Squeeze the lever, insert hook, release the lever - that simple! Manufactured by APPALACHIAN, US Pa ... more info

TheFish-SkullFish-Mask is an ultra-lightweight Fish-SkullÎ designed for tying weightless streamers that suspend in the water column.It has a realistic baitfish head profile that includes recessed eye sockets that secure and protect the fish eyes. Molded f ... more info

# 50 Trout Kit: Materials only including hooks, thread, floss, marabou, yarns, peacock, saddle and more. Plus a basic instruction sheet. ... more info

Fly tying is made easier when your tools, hooks and materials are easily stored. Our Fly Tying Station lets you spend more time tying and less time looking. This large 11-1/2L x 8-1/2W x 3H wooden station sports receptacles for up to 12 tools. A socket ho ... more info

The Fishpond Road Trip Fly Tying Kit wow! Another great design by Fishpond. Everything for the road. A travel fly tying kit that's ready when you are. Compact in size, but designed so you can bring along all the essentials to match every hatch Mother Natu ... more info

WAPSI FLY ::: Starter Kit-Easy step-by-step instructions. Includes all the materials to tie 10 of today's hotest trout flies. WAPSI FLY :::Deluxe Kit-Easy step-by-step instruction. Includes all the tools & materials you need to tie 17 of today's hotest fl ... more info

APPALACHIAN MASTAX FLY TYING KIT - Vise, Tools and Storage Box -15 Items. Features: MASTAX VISE with 3 Jaws. This adjustable vise is a real workhorse made to last. A proven design for over 50 years, one that professional and amateur tiers rely upon. A hea ... more info

Developed in 1990 by Skip Halterman, these remarkable, convenient indicators are sold all over the USA, in every fly fishing country around the world, and are an industry leader. So ingenious, they are the only patented strike indicator you can buy and ha ... more info

This knot tying kit includes one PRO-KNOT Rope Knot Card, two 30” lengths of high quality static cord and a practice caribiner. ... more info

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