Top 20 Best Selling Fly Tying Tools & Materials Fly Tying Equipment (2019)

Tungsten may be the biggest development in fly tying in years. Much heavier than lead, twice as heavy as brass, and safe to the environment. The most important factor is that you can get your flies down to the fish faster and keep them in the zone longer. ... more info

The best non-toxic odorless cement on the market. Loon's Hard Head Fly Finish replaces messy epoxies in most applications, and is perfect for building colorful, glossy heads and bodies easily. Comes in a variety of colors and shimmers making it easy to cr ... more info

Use Dr. Slick's threader to pull your thread through the bobbin tube. ... more info

Unique arrowhead design allows these self-closing tweezers to grip any size beads or cones. Non-slip rubber pad on one jaw makes it easy to pick up tiny beads and protects against breakage of glass or plastic beads. ... more info

The quickest way to finish off your fly and give it a professional appearance. Use the 4-inch models for small to medium flies or the 6-inch model for larger flies. ... more info

We use only the best materials to build the finest fly tying bobbins available. Our bobbins are made in the USA and we proudly add the official, Made in Montana label to every bobbin we sell. Our mission is to provide the highest quality fly tools to our ... more info

If you have trouble holding and placing small materials as you tie them on the hook, this fly tying tool will make your life easier. It is a self-closing tweezers so you can put it down still holding the material, and pick it up when you're ready without ... more info

All stainless bobbin. This bobbin is labeled in the image above as Standard - 4 1/4 long with slightly flared tube for any type of thread or floss. Price above is for one bobbin. ... more info

The Super AA Chrome Vise has hardened steel jaws with lever action that hold a wide variety of hooks. C-Clamp attached vise securely to work surface. ... more info

A perfect tool for hackling and handling your flies. ... more info

Super glue accelerator; works on Zap and all other super glues. Sets in just a few seconds. ... more info

Dr. Slick Micro Tip Arrow, All Purpose and Hair Scissors ... more info

This oval profile plate provides a perfect background for your fly, with a neutral color and clean surface to eliminate visual clutter and distractions. It is also perfect for providing a plain background for photographing your flies. The mount fits any s ... more info

Dr. Slick Fly Tying Tools in Large Fly Box - SAP4G Scissors, CBOB4 Bobbin, BOD, BT, HSM, WF4 & HP ... more info

These hair stackers will help you create hanks of hair with completely even ends in preparation for placement on the hook shank and tying as tails, wings or spun hair. Dr. Slick offers a hefty brass stacker with a padded base to protect your bench and a h ... more info

This is our entry-level model to our family of true rotating vises. This Vise meets our high standard of quality. The jaw capacity is 28 to 4/0. Exceptional quality for the price. Made in the USA. ... more info

The jaws swivel on two ball bearings, there by binding the materials around the hook when it rotates - a new principle that makes it easier an faster to tie professional looking flies. Our vise can naturally be used for traditional tasks. The vise jaws ho ... more info

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