Top 20 Best Selling Flutes & Piccolos Cleaning & Care (2021)

This flute maintenance kit contains the necessary items you need to keep your instrument in good playing condition. All products are packaged in a clear-plastic bag, and a booklet is included that explains proper instrument care for your instrument. ... more info

Hodge Silk Swabs are premium swabs made from 100% silk for removing moisture from woodwind instruments after each use. Hodge uses silk because it is absorbent, lint free and compressible. They do not leave lint in the keys. They are not stored inside the ... more info

Micro delivers Pad and Cork Cement in this handy 1/2-oz. tube. ... more info

The lightweight Yamaha Plastic Flute Cleaning Rod is made of a non-scratch plastic to preserve and maintain your flute. ... more info

Standard Gemeinhardt cleaning rod. Select from metal or plastic. ... more info

The Yamaha Wooden Flute Cleaning Rod is crafted from lightweight, non-scratch wood to protect the flute bore while you perform maintenance. ... more info

Grover 307 Music Time Instructional Book for Flutophone ... more info

Made with 100% cotton. It's machine washable, long lasting, and has a sturdy pull cord. ... more info

Made of soft absorbent cotton that is practically lint free and completely washable. ... more info

Standard Gemeinhardt cleaning rod. Select from metal or plastic. ... more info

The Hood Flute Swab is the first and only swab designed to remove condensation and reduce odors in flute headjoints. Reusablemay be rinsed in warm water for freshness and maximum absorbency. Also features a unique folding design. ... more info

This kit includes the following items: (1) Flute Cleaning Rod (1) Microfiber Cleaning Cloth (Swab) (1) .5oz Bottle of Premium Key Oil (1) .15oz Tube of Premium Cork Grease (1) Replacement Flute Head Cork ... more info

Kit includes the following: (5) Instrument Clinic IC270 flute pads, Made in USA! (4) Stainless steel flute springs (1) Natural flute head cork (1) Small tube of Instrument Clinic adhesive crystals (1) Instrument Clinic screwdriver (1) LED pad leak ... more info

Designed for maintenance of your instrument ... more info

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