Top 20 Best Selling Fluorescent Tubes Light Bulbs (2021)

OttLIte T13330 13-Watt HD OttLite Replacement Bulb, Type A鈥uperior image and color rendering鈥ow heat, low glare illumination helps reduce eyestrain鈥nergy efficient bulb rated to last up to 10,000 hours鈥asts longer than conventional bulbs and saves mor ... more info

GE garage & basement circline fluorescent bulbs' cool white light is perfect for illuminating sizable spaces throughout your home. Use in large open spaces in your home including finished and unfinished basements, garages and rec rooms. ... more info

16 watt - 17 - T4 - Miniature Bi-Pin (G5) Base - 3,000K - Warm White | Westek Fluorescent Light Bulb ... more info

40 watt 48 T12 Medium Bi-Pin (G13) Base Designer 5,000K Rapid Start Fluorescent Sylvania Light Bulb ... more info

UL certified. Save electricity bill. Replace 60W fluorescent tube light by 18W LED. Save 70% on electricity bill of lighting. Components Saving. No ballast and starter required.Easy Installation. Can be easily fitted instead of ordinary 4ft fluorescent ... more info

Triangle Bulbs T30023 8-Watt T5 energy-efficient linear fluorescent bulbs feature a unique and made of TRI-PHOSPHOR. Heavy duty triple-wound cathode guards provide burning life of up to five years and 12,000 hours. Extended life phosphors reduce color shi ... more info

Brand: Eiko - Wattage: 15 Watt - Bulb Type: F15T8 - Color Temperature: 4100 Kelvin - CRI: 60 - Length: 18 in. - Life Hours: 7,500 - Lumens (Initial): 825 - Lumens (Mean): 725 ... more info

25 watt - 18 - T8 - Medium Bi-Pin (G13) Base - Preheat | Sylvania Black Light Fluorescent Light Bulb ... more info

Specifications:1. Wattage: 18W2. Input Voltage: 120V3. Length: 1.2M4. Lamp holder: T8 Tube Light5. Luminous Flux: 2100LM6. Color Rendering Index (CRI): 757. Very low give out heat8. Very long operating lifespan: > 30,000hrs9. Color Temperature: Cold White ... more info

The OttLite庐 High Definition Natural LightingTM 18 watt replacement tube is specially designed to help you see colors accurately and details clearly. Create in comfort under the low heat, low glare OttLite illumination Low heat, low glare illumination h ... more info

40 watt 48 T12 Medium Bi-Pin (G13) Base Designer 5,000K Rapid Start Fluorescent Sylvania Light Bulb ... more info

12 watt - T4 - 4-Pin Base - 6,400K - Daylight - Circline | Fluorescent Light Bulb ... more info

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