Top 20 Best Selling Flex Hoses Replacement Parts (2021)

Viair 18 inch stainless steel braided outer/heavy duty rubber inner leader hose with swivel. ... more info

The Earl's Pro-Lite 350 Hose has a tough, abrasion resistant Nylon sheathing, bonded to the textile inner braid embedded in the synthetic rubber liner. This gives the hose incredible flexibility while maintaining the ability to withstand high vacuum and ... more info

Spectre鈥檚 Magna-Kool Radiator Hose Kits are made from chromed stainless steel tubing and are available in 12 inch, 20 inch, 24 inch, 30 inch, 36 inch, and 48 inch lengths. These hoses can be formed by simply bending them to the desired shape, and can also ... more info

36in S.S. Braided Leader Hose w/ Check Valve 1/4in M to 1/4in M NPT Swiv ... more info

2001 2002 2003 2004 Ford Escape Power Steering Reservoir To Pump Hose OEM NEW ... more info

E34-Sedan-530i-(06/1994-95)E34-Sedan-540i-(06/1994-95)E34-Wagon-530i-(06/1994-95) ... more info

Coiled Air Sets Coiled Set Red & Blue. Working Length - 15 ft Pigtail Length - 40 in Valve Ends - 1/2 in MPT Up to 50 percent more flexible at low temperature. Up to 50 percent more resistant to abrasion. Up to 35 percent higher fitting pull off resistanc ... more info

E39-Sedan-525i-(2001-03)E39-Sedan-528i-(1997-00)E39-Sedan-530i-(2001-03)E39-Sedan-540i-(1997-03)E39-Sedan-540iP-(1998-01)E39-Sedan-M5-(2000-03)E39-Wagon-525i-(2001-03)E39-Wagon-528i-(1999-00)E39-Wagon-540i-(1999-03) ... more info

E38-Sedan-740i-(09/1998-01)E38-Sedan-740iL-(09/1998-01)E38-Sedan-740iLP-(1999-01)E39-Sedan-540i-(09/1998-03)E39-Sedan-540iP-(09/1998-01)E39-Wagon-540i-(09/1998-03) ... more info

The Edelbrock/Russell 3 Feet Pro-Flex Pre-Packaged Stainless Steel Braided Hose is constructed with a stainless steel outer braid that resists abrasion and corrosion. This hose has a Chlorinated Polyethylene (CPE) synthetic rubber liner with a nylon inne ... more info

The Edelbrock/Russell Full Flow Hose Ends are designed to be used with ProFlex, Prorace and Proclassic hose. Their unique taper design revolutionizes hose assembly by not cutting into the inner hose liner. It provides a positive grip on the hose to elim ... more info

Speed-Flex Line; -03AN Female Swivel To 10mm/3/8 Banjo; Hose Size -03AN; Length 24 in.; ... more info

Z3-Coupe-Z3 2.8-(1999-09/1998)Z3-Coupe-Z3 M3.2-(1999-00)Z3-Coupe-Z3 M3.2-(1999-09/1998)Z3-Roadster-Z3 2.5-(1999-09/1998)Z3-Roadster-Z3 2.8-(1997-09/1998)Z3-Roadster-Z3 M3.2-(1998-00)Z3-Roadster-Z3 M3.2-(1998-09/1998) ... more info

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