Top 20 Best Selling Fixatives Fabric Painting & Dyeing (2021)

Ultra fine precision tip Fray Block prevents fraying on fabric & ribbon. It dries quickly and is soft and flexible. Dries clear. Washable and dry cleanable. ... more info

Bubble Jet Set 2000 is a new way to print on fabric. Now you can turn any photo artwork or poster into a fabric transfer. Allows you to print directly on fabric with an ink jet or bubble jet printer while maintaining the true texture and feel of the fabri ... more info

SULKY-Clear, non-toxic, odorless, disappears in 2-5 days. Does not stain or gum up the needle. Repositionable, eliminates pinning patterns. Used for trial fitting of hems, darts, pockets, shoulder pads, embellishments, and appliqueing. Great for quilt bas ... more info

This fray check use to secure thread ends. Apply to trimmed seams corners and cord ends to prevent fraying. Fray check will not discolor or stain most fabrics. Always test to be sure. Instructions are protect work surface and other fabric layers with card ... more info

Neenah EPC Film, is a replacement for vinyl which is ready-to-cut material designed for custom decoration on t-shirts, sweatshirts, bags, tiles, jeans and much more. Our film is designed to be cut with any personal craft cutter, die or press cutter or pl ... more info

For best results, treat fabric with Synthrapol before washing it for the first time or placing it into your quilt. After fabric has been treated with Retayne, subsequent launderings should be with cool water. Do not wash hot. ... more info

For best results, treat fabric with Retayne before washing it for the first time or placing it into your quilt. After fabric has been treated with Retayne, subsequent launderings should be with cool water. Do not wash hot. ... more info

J.T. TRADING-Temporary Fabric Spray and Fix Adhesive. Aerosol Can; 8-1/2 fluid ounces. 505 is a temporary fabric adhesive for sewing applique, quilt crafts. Contains 8.5 fuild ounces of odorless; colorless; Spotless; Stainless; Does Not Gum Needles; No CF ... more info

VAL-A CHICAGO-Bish's Original Instant Tear Mender. Mend clothing; leather; upholstery; home decor; sport uniforms; indoor and outdoor fabrics and much more at home; the office; one the road and on the water! Features: water-proof; permanent; quick-dry; fl ... more info

A quick and safe way to hem pants, skirts, shirts, even curtains. Badge Magic instant hemming tape is a versatile peel and stick fabric adhesive with many household uses. You can also bond your school emblems, varsity letters, karate patches, military pat ... more info

Powertex is an environmentally friendly water based fabric hardener that gives form to crafts and decorations. Powertex is a liquid medium, ready to use, dries fast and is weather resistant. Can also be combined with wood, concrete, sand, (but is not adhe ... more info

DRITZ-Fray Check. A liquid seam sealant that prevents fabric from fraying and secures the ends. Withstands repeated laundering and dry cleaning. This package contains one .75oz bottle. Made in USA. ... more info

SULLIVAN USA-Fray Stop 10.5ounces. Prevents unraveling of fabrics and thread slippage. Eliminates over-edge stitching and reduces seam failure. Fast-drying. Fray stop is like fray check in a can. Ideal for taming edges for applique narrow hems loosely wov ... more info

SINGER-Sew No More Fabric Glue is an easy-to-use mending liquid that lets you make invisible repairs to your clothing. A fast and easy way to permanently attach patches and appliques. No needle; thread; or sewing machine needed! Bonds instantly to most fa ... more info

Retayne Color Fixative-4 Ounce. G linen and rayon fabrics that bleed. Use in the washing machine or treat by hand washing with hot water. Always test fabric before washing it for the first time. Only one application is necessary. You can treat 24 yards wi ... more info

DRITZ-This wonder tape is 1/4 x 10 yards. Great for home sewing or crafting. A double-sided, transparent tape that disappears after first washing. Can be sewn through without gumming up your needle. Perfect for holding together seams or hems before stitch ... more info

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