Top 20 Best Selling Fishing Tools & Maintenance Equipment Fly Tying Tools & Materials (2019)

Keep your dry flies dressed and ready for action with a fresh bottle of Gehrke's Gink from your friends at Angler's Accessories. ... more info

The world famous TIE-FAST Knot Tyer is the ultimate nail knot tool. Made of one piece stainless steel, this tool enables anglers to tie secure knots in a matter of seconds. The TIE-FAST Knot Tyer is praised by fishing experts for it's simplicity and for t ... more info

This Device holds your net securely when not being used. One hand operation allows you to release your net when needed by simply grasping the handle and giving it a tug. Strong nickel plated magnets provide 7+ pounds of pull to hold your net safely out of ... more info

Keeps tools ready for action. 18 retractable nylon cord. Pins on vest or pack. ... more info

A great stick for added stability when wading in swift water, climbing river banks or walking on land. Made of lightweight, yet strong aluminum alloy tubing of 3/4inch in anodized matte black finish, it folds easily to 12 and fits into the included nylon ... more info

Genuine French tinsel, varnished to resist tarnishing. An extra strong core provides strength for longer lasting flies. The tinsel is imported in builk and spooled in the U.S. by Wapsi at a much lower price to you. Lengths range from 20 yds. (x-small and ... more info

Danville's best all-round thread for dry flies. Has been measured at just under 80 denier and a breaking strength of 16 oz. 200 yd. spools. ... more info

A velvety chenille with a nylon core ... more info

Sproat bend, down eye, 1X long shank, 2X heavy wire, barbless, bronze; Uses: nymphs, wet flies; Sizes 10 - 18. Pack of 25 hooks. ... more info

UV Clear Fly Finish is for those who believe five minutes to cure is five minutes too long. No mixing or waiting is required, and it remains workable until exposed to direct sunlight or Loon's UV lamps, at which point it will cure in a matter of seconds. ... more info

This Daiichi jig hook has a round bend, straight shank, a 90 degree angle of standard length and a flat eye. Use for jigs and flies for float fishing. The number of hooks in the package is shown in the selection table below. ... more info

This flash hider will add five inches to the barrel, and realy dress up your AR-15. The machining on these units is first rate. Great flash suppression, uses standard 1/2x28 threads which will fit AR-15 standard pre-ban barrel. For heavy bbl. w/o threads ... more info

Translucent half round ribbing that has many uses for segmented bodies. The large size is great for large stoneflies, streamers and saltwater patterns, the medium size for crazy charlies, stoneflies and large nymphs, the nymph size for small to medium nym ... more info

This fly tying kit includes a beginner fly tyer book; fly king vise; scissors; bobbin and thread; hackle pliers; half-hitch tool; dubbing wax and head ... more info

Extra-long crinkly nylon filaments in flashy reflective colors. For use particularly on tarpon, bluewater, barracuda, striper, blue, bonefish, and Clouser flies. Nylon filaments in peach, olive, light blue, chartreuse, sea foam green, white, lavender, bla ... more info

Essential for tying effective flashback nymphs. Increase strikes. Pearl in S(1/69, M(1/32, L(1/16. Ice blue pearl in M(1/32, L(1/16. Approximately 10 yards. Made in USA. ... more info

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