Top 20 Best Selling Fish & Aquatic Pets Hydrometers (2021)

Instant Ocean Hydrometer`s new improved design delivers precise full-range salinity and specific gravity readings - accurate to 0.001 - every time. Easy-fill convenience keeps hands dry when filling. It has a durable, permanent needle mount and easy-read ... more info

The Exo Terra Hygrometer monitors humidity levels effectively and easily. The humidity level is an important factor in keeping your reptiles or amphibians healthy and stress free. It is easy to read and install. Maintaining the proper temperature and humi ... more info

The PH-80 is an economically priced, reliable pH meter (aka pH pen or pH tester) that is ideal for testing applications such as hydroponics & gardening, pools & spas, aquariums & reef tanks, water ionizers, drinking water, boilers and cooling towers, wast ... more info

Fluval Sea Hydrometer provides an accurate and convenient method of measuring specific gravity and salt level in marine aquariums. Regular testing is strongly recommended as stable salinity levels are essential for the health of marine fish and invertebra ... more info

Brand new Salinity Refractometer that is used to measure the salinity levels of saltwater aquariums and the worlds oceans. Calibrate with either distilled water or a 35ppt Salinity standard. Wipe off the saltwater after each use. This unit comes with A ... more info

Cora life's Hydrometer takes a true water sample at six inch depth. Easy to read and accurate, this specific gravity meter is designed to give temperature-corrected readings in warm water aquariums. Includes a self-leveling, hanging device and allows your ... more info

Specifications:Batteries: 3 x 1.5V(AG-13 Button Battery)Life: approx. 700hours of useAccuracy:隆脌0.1pH (at200C/680F)Dimensions:150mm x 29mm x 20mmNet weight:118gPacket content:1 x Pen Type pH Meter1 x screwdriver ... more info

The Coralife Digital Thermometer features an easy to read digital display with temperature in either Fahrenheit or Celsius depending on your choice. ... more info

Product description: HM Digital's COM-100 is a waterproof combination EC/TDS/Temperature meter that is ideal for all water quality testing, water purification applications, drinking water, wastewater regulation, aquaculture, hydroponics, colloidal silver, ... more info

System Includes: 1 - Apex Base Unit 1 - Apex Display 1 - EnergyBar 8 Power Strip 1 - Temperature Probe 1 - ph probe Features: Connectivity * Ethernet Interface * Embedded Web Server * Only controller with web browser Monitoring, Control & C ... more info

Lifegard digital thermometers are used for aquariums, reptiles or greenhouses. The Big Digital Temp Alert has 4 Alert features (Alarm will sound and LED flashes): High Temp Alert Only (Probe); Both High and Low Temp Alert Only (Air/Room); Low Temp Alert O ... more info

Aqua Ultraviolet Mercury Quartz Lamp This quartz replacement lamp is easy to install and lasts. Quartz sleeves have a 99% transmission factor which allows the UV bulb to operate at its optimum temperature. Product Features: Low pressure lamp Made in the U ... more info

Throw away the hydrometer and pick up a Deep-water Aquatics Refract meter for truly accurate salinity measurements. The Deep-water Refract meter should be calibrated before use. ... more info

Brand new Salinity Refractometer that is used to measure the salinity levels of saltwater aquariums and the worlds oceans. Calibrate with either distilled water or a 35ppt Salinity standard. This listing includes (1) 3.6ml Vial of 35 Parts Per Thousan ... more info

This dual scale salinity refractometer is used to measure, monitor and control the concentration of salt water and brine, especially useful for aquarium and marine applications. This high quality refractometer measures on 2 scales, Specific Gravity (D 20/ ... more info

Lab grade probe w/ 10' coax cable. Sealed Ag/AgCl reference. Standard BNC Connector ... more info

EnergyBar 4 Features The EnergyBar 4 module features 4 independently controllable outlets. With power failure detection, active electrical current monitoring, and failsafe features make this power bar far better than any competing units. 4 independentl ... more info

Measure the salinity of your marine or reef tank quickly and accurately while also monitoring water temperature with our dual-purpose glass Hydrometer/Thermometer.Features easy-to-read markings along with safe zone indicators.. ... more info

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