Top 20 Best Selling Fish & Aquatic Pets Automatic Feeders (2021)

Everyday battery operated, programmable fish feeder ideal for most types of fish food for fresh water and marine fish. Fits on mosts aquariums and includes a universal installation clamp. Convienently and reliably dispenses accurate portions. Easy dig ... more info

Features: 1.100% brand new and high quality 2.Dry, loose flake and pellet food can be used 3.Ideal for various sizes of aquariums with two options of placing the food feeder on aquarium, free-standing or rim-mounted 4.Digital timer for setting up regular ... more info

7-day Pyramid Feeder automatically feeds fish for a whole week. Feeds 20 average size fish in a 10 gallon tank for 7 days. On or about the fourth day, a secret chamber releases tubifex worms. For fresh or saltwater fish. 1 pack. ... more info

The Fish Mate P7000 Feeder is suited to large ponds for use with pellet or 'stick' food. The feeder features an easy to use LCD control, variable feed sizes are despensed three times a day. Alternatively, the feeder may be used manually to feed on demand ... more info

AquaChef Aquarium Fish Feeder AquaChef automatically feeds your aquarium whether you are in town or on the road. It's easy to use digital timer and large multi-functional hopper makes feeding your fish a snap. Whether you're feeding flake foods, pellets o ... more info

Eheim Everyday Automatic Turtle Feeder Everyday Turtle Feeder. Great for everyday use whether you're at home or away. It is also easy to set up and use. This feeder comes with easy digital LCD programming for up to a maximum of 8 feedings per day. Conveni ... more info

Specifications: Model: AF-2009D Housing: Plastic Type of battery: 2*AA batteries Attachment Method: retaining clips or Velcro fixed Unit dimensions (approx.): 4.3*4*2.5inch (11*10*7cm) LCD screen dimensions (approx.): 1.1*0.5inch (2.6*1.3cm) Feed box diam ... more info

Existing plaster blocks are 驴old school驴 technology that can wreak havoc on your water quality. Tetra驴s innovative new gel feeder blocks contains no plaster and feed up to 14 days. Blended with patented ProCare for optimal health. ... more info

This versatile feeder may be mounted on the aquarium hood, on a condensation tray, or on the glass edge of the aquarium with the brackets provided. 14 Individual compartments for daytime, nighttime, or for dispensing medication. ... more info

The 3 Day Feeding Blocks are made of high quality pro balanced fish food comes in a pack of four. Each star shaped block last 3 days long allowing you to take a vaction with assurance that you aquatic pets will be feed. ... more info

The EHEIM Twin Automatic Fish Feeder has dual chambers for different types of food and can be programmed individually. ... more info

This easy to use feeder will allow you to feed your Betta fish while you are away, or use it to feed your fish daily at a pre-set regular time. Automatically feeds your Betta once daily. Can be used to feed your Betta while you are away, or use to feed yo ... more info

Notes: This aquarium fish tank food feeder will come with a Submersible Aquarium Index Thermometer for free, please check your package. Product information of aquarium index thermometer: Temperature measuring range: 0 ~40 degrees Accuracy: (1 degree) The ... more info

Description: *With this automatic fish feeder you can feed your fish up to 1 times a day. *It can feed your fish for the right portion timely. *Its unique swirl control is smooth and silent, no clogs & no jamming at all, regardless of fish food in pellets ... more info

Function: automatic feeder, moistureproofing and mixing food design, battery powered. You can adjust the button to control the container outlet size, is eays to use. Feeding time can be set to once or twice daily, and the feeding drum is ideal for flakes ... more info

Aqua Food Automatic_Feeders by EHEIM - Get Fast Shipping and Low Prices at on over 43,000 Pet Supplies such as Dog Food, Dog Supplies, Cat Food, Cat Supplies, Bird Food, Bird Supplies, Aquarium Supplies and Fish Supplies. We offer our c ... more info

Specification: 1. Feeing time: 12 hours or 24 hours. 2. Switch on/off. 3. Quartz watch inside to control feeding time. 4. Size: 10 x 7 x 11cm. 5. Feed chamber: 6.5cm diameter, 3cm thick. 6. Require AA battery x 2 (not included in the package). Packa ... more info

Rio庐 Coral Feeder is specifically designed for the direct feeding of liquefied and particulate foods to SPS corals, LPS corals and filter feeding corals. Coral feeder can also be used to eradicate detris and excess debris from those hard to reach areas of ... more info

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