Top 20 Best Selling FireWire Port Cards I/O Port Cards (2021)

1-Lane (x1) PCI-Express with transfer rate 2.5Gbps Full Duplex channel. 2x 1394B firewire ports + 1x 1394A firewire port + 1x 1394A firewire internal header. Compliant with PCI-Express Revision 1.0a. Support provisions of IEEE Standard P1394b-2002. Compli ... more info

The Rosewill RC-504 PCI Express Card turns a PCI Express slot into two external FireWire 400 (1394a) 6-pin ports and one internal FireWire 400 (1394a) 6-pin port which shares with first external FireWire 400 port. The card can be installed in any availabl ... more info

This 3 Port PCI Express FireWire adapter card can be installed in a PCI Express slot to add two IEEE1394b (FireWire 800 - 9 pin) ports and one IEEE1394a (FireWire 400 - 6 pin) port, providing broad compatibility with a wide range of FireWire devices (e.g. ... more info

VIA VT6315 PCI-Express to Firewire IEEE 1394A host controller chipset. Complies with ExpressCard/34mm Type II standard. Complies with 1-Lane (x1) PCI-Express Rev 1.1 specification. Complies with IEEE 1394 Open HCI Specification v1.0 and 1.1. Complies with ... more info

Firewire Features: PCI Local Bus Ver2.2 Compliant 1394 Version A. Asynchronous and Synchronous data transfer 400/200/100Mbps Meet all OHCI and 1394A requirements Supports PC99 ACPI Compliant P1394 connector 2 External and 1 Internal Firewire Ports U ... more info

Expand your computers connectivity with this 2-Port PCI Express Firewire 1394a Controller Card. ... more info

This 2 Port ExpressCard Laptop 1394a Firewire Adapter Card provides a stable platform for virtually any FireWire 400 device connection. Ensuring seamless operation with peripherals connected through FireWire 400, the ExpressCard 1394a FireWire Adapter sup ... more info

1.Three external IEEE 1394 (FireWire) ports support DV camcorders, hard disk, removable drives, scanners, printers and other 1394 audio/video devices including TV, VCR, DVD with data transfer rates up to 400Mb/s.2.Supports both PC and Mac.3.Works with Son ... more info

This 4 Port PCI IEEE 1394 FireWire 400 Adapter Card turns a motherboard PCI slot into four IEEE 1394a FireWire 6-pin female ports (1 internal, 3 external) - a cost-effective solution that lets you connect any FireWire 400 device that uses a 6-pin connecto ... more info

Add 2 external and 1 internal FireWire400 port to any computer with a low profile PCI slot. This 3 Port PCI Low-Profile/Half-Height 1394a FireWire Adapter Card turns a motherboard PCI slot into two external IEEE 1394a FireWire slots (1x6-pin, 1x4-pin), a ... more info

Belkin Components F5u526qapl-S Firewire 1394A 6-Port X Mini-Hub: Tb859ll/A ... more info

This 2 Port ExpressCard FireWire Adapter Card adds two 1394b FireWire ports to a laptop computer, providing a cost-effective way to add IEEE 1394A and IEEE 1394B FireWire devices even if the laptop doesn鈥檛 have a built-in FireWire 400 or FireWire 800 port ... more info

Connects one FireWire 800 peripheral and one FireWire 400 peripheral to a single FireWire 800 port, no power supply required. Can support one bus powered drive. ... more info

Keep connected with this PCI-FireWire card from Rosewill. This bundle includes everything you need to keep a laptop or other PCI-slot equipped system connected at the blazing speeds of the IEEE 1394 standard. Daisy chain up to 63 different devices at the ... more info

Ensuring seamless operation with peripherals connected through FireWire 400, the ExpressCard 1394a FireWire Adapter supports data transfer rates at up to 400Mbps - perfect for connecting FireWire-capable multimedia devices, editing multimedia content or s ... more info

Add 2 native FireWire 400 ports to your desktop through a PCI Express slot - The PEX1394A2V 2-Port PCI Express FireWire Card lets you add two native FireWire 400 ports to your desktop PC, allowing you to connect IEEE 1394A FireWire devices such as digital ... more info

3+1 (2 independent external port + 1 internal and 1 external shared port) IEEE 1394a/FireWire ports at 100/200/400 Mbits/s 6-pin connectors provide bus power to FireWire/IEEE 1394a devices Compliant with IEEE 1394-1394a Compliant with Open Host Controller ... more info

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