Top 20 Best Selling Finishing Compounds Finishing Products (2022)

Great for ivory, plastic and resins when used successively with the soft spiral sewn and soft airway buffing wheels. 1 lb. Bar.1-Pound bar ... more info

Made for fine polishing on brass and gold. Especially brings out a mirror finish when used with the soft muslin buffing wheel. 1 lb. Bar.1-Pound bar ... more info

High quality Cerium Oxide Polishing Compound. Cerium Oxide Polishing Compound use for polishing and removal of fine scratches and scuff marks in glass and mirror. Use Cerium Oxide with Felt Polishing Wheel to remove scratches and scuff marks in glass and ... more info

GemOro PLATINUM XP500 precision, high capacity digital scale has an accuracy of 0.01g and weighs up to half a kilogram on the 4 inch square stainless steel weighing platform. Scale includes two weighing trays/covers, large tray serves as a scale cover and ... more info

Cerium Oxide Compounds maintain and deliver a uniform particle size, on average 2.8 micron, and a high concentration of rare earth oxides to provide the brightest possible finish in all applications. These compounds exhibit exceptional suspension quality, ... more info

OZ, Vial For Cleaning & Polishing Metals & Plastics, Use Polishing Compound With Buffing Wheels To Produce A High Luster. ... more info

GP120 Fine Cerium Oxide is a rare earth mineral used for the final polishing blemishes, scuffs, hairline scratches, lime scale and adhesive residue. Can be used on any type of glass. It's also appropriate for Optical glass, Reflector, ITO conductive glass ... more info

3M 461X Silicon Carbide lapping film, 9 X 13 sheet, grit 30um ... more info

3M 461X Silicon Carbide lapping film, 9 X 13 sheet, grit 15um Minimum Order of Quantity: 25 Sheets ... more info

SAIT 41000 buffing compound kit contains brown, white, red and black bar. Brown bar used for buffing aluminum, brass, copper, wood, plastics, hard rubber and painted surfaces. White bar used for buffing stainless steel, carbon steel, nickel, aluminum and ... more info

Bottled liquid compound comprised of cerium oxide mineral and water used to polish assorted glass surfaces and parts. Typically used for defect repair and scratch removal. Specially designed compounds and polishes to be used on OEM and baked refinish pain ... more info

For quick cutting, sharpening, and coloring tool steel, iron, and hard metals. This is the workhorse for removing fine scratches left by whetting or grinding. ... more info

Painted or unpainted, MET-ALL s Aluminum & Stainless Steel polish keeps your aluminum and steel surfaces shining bright. Special protective agents remove and prevent oxidation. It s non-abrasive, environmentally safe formula guards against water spots and ... more info

The Stainless Steel Polishing compound is an extra dry compound used for finishing Stainless Steel and other hard metals to a mirror like finish. Not recommended for buffing plastics and softer metals such as gold and silver. ... more info

Original Genuine Dialux RED Polishing Paste (ROUGE) For Jewelry ApplicationsDialux RED Polishing Paste (ROUGE) For High Gloss Gold and Silver PolishingTo be used on a circular brush, Felt or Cotton DiscAlways wear protective hand and eye wear when using t ... more info

Tin oxide polishing products can be used to buff out scratches and scuffs and bring back the original brightness and luster to marble and granite surfaces. Tin oxide is recognized as the best alloy powder available for polishing granite and marble. Tin ox ... more info

Raytech Compound B liquid soap. A liquid flo-thru concentrate, uniquely formulated for all metals and plastics. As a non-foaming compound, soils that can load the media and darken parts are quickly flushed from the processing channel, resulting in faster ... more info

Fabulustre Provides a high-luster finish on all types of precious and decorative metals. Special formulation removes light scratches and produces a fast, mirror-bright, final finish without discoloration. Greaseless, dry but not dusty, which means fast an ... more info

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