Top 20 Best Selling Film & Tape Dry Adhesives (2021)

For a high-quality tape that looks good and is versatile--look no further. This tape creates even, solid lines for all your charts and decorations, helping to ensure a clean, professional look. Can be used indoors or outdoors. ... more info

Epoxy Adhesive DP-460 Scotch-Weld structural epoxy adhesive offers an excellent range of work life, peel strength and flexibility. It bonds to a variety of materials from metals to ceramics and plastics to low surface energy plastics. ... more info

3M Foam Fast 74 Spray Adhesive is a fast grabbing foam bonding adhesive in a convenient aerosol can. ... more info

Water-Dispersed High-Strength Contact Adhesive. Has High Coverage, a Long Bonding Range, and good Heat Resistance. Use to Bond Foamed Plastics, Plastic Laminate, Wood, Plywood and Wood Veneer. Non-flammable in the wet state. ... more info

Patented rapidsetting two-component polyurethane. It is packaged as 1:1 ratio liquids in a dual cartridge. With the squeeze of the trigger, the components are automatically mixed and easily dispensed as a bubble-free non-sag paste.Used as a horizontal or ... more info

RE638 Features: -Tape.-Ultra strong.-Excellent resistance to tearing in any direction.-Unbelievably aggressive adhesive even on damp surfaces.-Repairs rips and punctures in sails, tents, pool liners, canvas, knapsacks, hunting apparel, awnings, pool cover ... more info

3M Multi-Purpose 27 Spray Adhesive is a versatile, economical, industrial grade, mist spray aerosol adhesive. ... more info

3M Foam Fast 74 Spray Adhesive is a fast grabbing foam bonding adhesive in a convenient aerosol can. ... more info

3 x 25', Black, Self Adhesive, EPDM Rubber Seam Tape, For Repair Of EPDM Rubber Roofs, TPO Hypalon, Modified Asphalt, Metal Roofs, Gutters & Flashings, Easy To Apply, Just Peel The Release Paper. ... more info

Oatey products can be found in residential and commercial applications and have achieved excellent brand name recognition with consumers. ... more info

3M Hi-Strength 94 ET Spray Adhesive is a high performance, industrial grade spray adhesive with a unique low telegraphing pebble spray pattern. ... more info

3M Series 20 Aerosol Spray Adhesives are designed for industrial applications where keeping component costs down is key to the competitiveness of your product lines. They're ideal for a wide range of woodworking, manufacturing and construction application ... more info

A clear, general purpose adhesive that dries rapidly. Has excellent resistance to plasticizers, water, detergent , and soap solutions. Can be used to bond many ceramics, glass, leather, cloth and vinyls to themselves and a wide variety of substrates. ... more info

3M Heavy Duty 20 Spray Adhesive is a high strength, fast grabbing, industrial grade, lace spray aerosol adhesive. ... more info

3M Scotch-Weld DP100 Plus clear two-part epoxy adhesive with a 48 hr cure time. Provices a 5 min working time. Works in a mix ratio of 1:1. Delivers great performance with a shear strength of 1500 psi and peel strength of 2 piw. ... more info

The 40-tool Wrench Rail Organizer from Ernst provides maximum wrench storage in a compact space. The staggered rail design with forward and reverse teeth allow for more wrenches per square inch. Graduated teeth fit a wide range of wrenches and are all hel ... more info

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