Top 20 Best Selling Fiber Optic Lights Novelty Lighting (2020)

Turn it on, and watch as it shows off a fabulous multi-colored light show. Plus, this light features a neat feature--it can switch into a mode that makes the light revolve in place. Not only will it get your friends talking about how awesome it looks, it ... more info

Brilliant blue fiber optic light great for all parties, bedrooms and occasions of any time or place! ... more info

3310 Features: -Plasma 360.-Creates an amazing light show - from any angle.-Little bit of science, a little bit of art and a whole lot of cool.-Simply the ultimate interactive light show. ... more info

Changes Colors Automatically... This Listing Is For (1) Absolutely beautiful Crystal Ice fiber optic party light / lamp / nightlight. In addition to the beautiful multi-colored fiber lights, the base contains plastic cube/crystals that light up and ... more info

Thousands of long fiber strands fall about a silver base to create a beautifully blue and mesmerizing glow. ... more info

You鈥檒l be captivated by the electrical storm of energy inside LumiSource鈥檚 Electra庐 Lamps. Electric charges twirl and dive inside glass globes filled with phosphorous gases that add a colorful glow to the electric arcs. LumiSource鈥檚 original Sculptured El ... more info

The Gama Sonic GS-106F Baytown solar-charged LED lantern is the perfect energy- and money-saving replacement for post-mounted electric or gas-powered outdoor lighting. The lantern fits any existing three-inch-diameter lamp post with no electrical wiring n ... more info

Light up any nighttime party, event or dinner with Bottlebeams Fiber-optic bottle lights! Bottlebeams can be attached before or after opening bottle-even while pouring! Bottlebeams do not come in contact with liquid contents. ... more info

Blue Light emits from the tip of each fiber optic strand on this 13.5 inch lamp. Requires 3 AA batteries not included. ... more info

(7 Fiber optic adapter fits Maglite AA)The Nite Ize Fiber Optic Adapters allow you to turn your mini flashlight into a precision light-bending instrument. These adapters allow precise illumination into the smallest areas. where ordinary flashlights cannot ... more info

Table top fiber optic lamp is perfect for your ambient lighting for special events or meetings. Battery operated so there are no messy power cords to get in the way of your table decorations. Electronic module built-in the base of the fiber optic lamp ... more info

You'll be captivated by the electrical storm of energy inside this Electra Lamp. Electric charges twirl and dive inside glass globes filled with phosphorous gases that add a colorful glow to the electric arcs. With this Mini Infin-8 Electra, you'll enjoy ... more info

* Side Glow cable is a safe alternative to neon. It can change colors, is virtually unbreakable and is energy efficient. Suitable for interior and exterior applications, it is UV protected and has an algaecide and fungicide treated exterior jacket for max ... more info

Leviton C20-09863-SEN Occupancy Sensor Bi Pin Fluorescent Ceiling LampholderLeviton C20-09863-SEN Occupancy Sensor Bi Pin Fluorescent Ceiling Lampholder Features: Ceiling lampholder Install in closets, workrooms, basements, storage areas, utility rooms an ... more info

Jazz up your car or desk space with this USB / battery powered plasma globe. Whether you enjoy watching the electricity moving to the sound in your car, or simply like a fun desk piece, this light is for you! Device is powered by 4x AAA batteries or the U ... more info

These are .060 Fiber Optic Strands from Plastruct.FEATURES: Clear fiber optics lighting. The fiber is easily trimmed, and can be expanded with heat. Each strand is made of acrylic and styrene. Versatile and easy to use; instructions included.INCLUDES: (1 ... more info

Fiber optic fun with the flick of a switch. Enjoy a dynamic display of pulsating multi-color light. Activates by way of a push switch under the base. Each time the on/off switch is pressed a new color sequence takes place (Green, Red, Blue, Red+Green, Bl ... more info

58 watt TCP Lampholder DJ31 (1pc) - TCP 13858B Lamp Holder Clip (3 required) - Note - 3 units of Lamp Holder Clips are required to properly hold the Fluorescent in the ballast ... more info

A great addition to anyone's Disney Princess collection. This will make a great gift for the collector or to use as a night light for that youngster that loves Princesses. ... more info

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