Top 20 Best Selling Fermentation & More Home Brewing & Wine Making (2020)

3-piece plastic airlock with a snap-on vented cover. This airlock is easily cleaned and easy to use. Fill the airlock halfway up with your sanitizer and stick in the drilled rubber stopper. ... more info

When filled with water allows Co2 gas to bubble out and prevents air from getting in. Enclosed design allows for slower evaporation from airlock bubble. Package contains 2 twin bubble airlocks and 2 universal carboy bungs that will fit 3, 5, 6 and 6.5 ga ... more info

Organic Kombucha Scoby (live culture) to brew your own kombucha beverage/tea from home. You can also grow additional scobys with this purchase. - Live Organic Culture - Individual Scoby Organic Kombucha Scoby (live culture) + PLUS Starter Tea in heat se ... more info

Basic plastic 3 piece airlock. Cylinder Lock is a type of airlock which serves one purpose: to let fermentation gas out and to keep air from reaching the beer or wine. Very durable and easy to clean! Remove top and fill to line with sanitizer solution. P ... more info

GENUINE KOMBUCHA KAMP KOMBUCHA CULTURE (1 Large SCOBY plus 1 Cup Strong Starter Liquid - Makes 1 Gallon) - ACCEPT NO SUBSTITUTES! Counterfeit sellers (even here on Amazon) claim to offer Kombucha Kamp SCOBY Cultures, but they cannot as KKAMP SCOBYs are th ... more info

This food grade, vinyl tubing is 5/16 inside diamter and 7/16 outside diameter and fits tight around the racking cane, siphon pump, bottling cane and bottle spigot. ... more info

The 1 gallon glass jug is perfect for making a large yeast starter, experimenting with fruit flavors in your wine or beer, or for storing sanitizer solution. Includes a 38mm Polyseal Cap! Also, a great way to tote your homebrew! ... more info

1 gallon glass screw-top jug. Great for fermenting small batches of beer, wine, or mead, or storing overflow from a larger batch. Includes a one gallon glass jug with threaded cap and an airlock. ... more info

Our 32-oz Amber Growlers are the prefect place to store juices, kombuchas, beers, soda, etc. And when they are not in use, they make great single-flower vases! ... more info

Don't forget to cover your kombucha! These cloth covers will help you avoid dust, fruit flies and mold - an essential to your brewing setup. 100% Organic Cotton Cloth Cover. 7.5x7.5 cloth with rubber band. ... more info

Organize your brew space with these carboy stackers / dryers. Midwest recently purchased a sizeable quantity of these and we are passing the savings on to you. Use the stand to dry the carboy after washing it and put some tin foil over the mouth (to preve ... more info

Drilled Rubber Stopper-drilled with 3/8center hole to accommodate standard air locks. ... more info

The GetKombucha Silver Continuous Brew Kombucha Package is the most economical kombucha continuous brew system available anywhere. For those that want just the basics to get started on brewing kombucha tea at home this is YOUR continuous brew kombucha pa ... more info

To use the Carboy Cap: Push a racking cane through the center tube, place on the top of your carboy, blow into the other tube, and a siphon is easily started. May also be used for blow-off when fermenting. Attach a length of 3/8 ID tubing to the hood, and ... more info

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