Top 20 Best Selling Feather Dusters Dusting Supplies (2022)

These refills are for the O-Cedar O-Duster self rotating duster with automatic navigation Uses exclusive, disposable electrostatic cloths The ultimate in convenience Collects and retains dust and hair on an electrostatic disposable cloth. O-Duster is spe ... more info

Electrostatically attracts dust, dirt, and cobwebs quickly and easily. 1/2 circle design for access to corners. Split tipped fibers for better dust and dirt collection. Use by hand or attach to telescopic pole. ... more info

Rubbermaid Commercial FG9C04000000 Lambswool Duster with Telescoping Plastic Handle. Ideal for commercial, industrial, and home environments. The plastic handle is durable easy to use. Ideal for commercial, industrial, and home environments. Its handle ex ... more info

Feather Duster features stiff, gray ostrich feathers with soft fibers for efficient dust collection. Design includes a lacquered hardwood handle. ... more info

The Unger Pro duster is used for most all forms of household cleaning. Use hand held or on telescopic-pole for cleaning high and low. Used to get into hard to reach places. No chemicals needed for dusting. ... more info

This microfiber dusting set includes a fluffy microfiber duster for dry dusting and a dual-sided, flexible chenille and microfiber duster for deep cleaning. Each head can be used as a hand duster or with the handle, which extends from 24 to 49 for ceiling ... more info

Unisan Washable Microfiber feather duster. Tiny microfiber hooks grab and hold dust particles without damaging sensitive surfaces. Dusts without chemicals. Reduces bacteria and allergens. 23-inches width. Available in white color. ... more info

The 13 Ostrich Feather Duster is made of 100 % natural ostrich feathers. It is able to cover a wide surface for efficient dusting. ... more info

The Maxi Plus Microfiber Duster w/Extension Handle is made of tiny microfibers to attract and hold dust far better than other cleaning products. The microfiber head is soft and pliable making it easy to dust in tight spots. ... more info

CentroBulb Duster with 12 inch Extension This is our Centro 14 oz Bulb Pest Control Duster w/12 Extension, which is just like the Centro 14 oz but has a 12 inch extension and a curved tip included. This unit features a different interior design which does ... more info

Rubbermaid FGT410000000 Flexible Head Overhead Dusting Tool, 60-Inch Long Aluminum Handle, The dusting tools have a frame and handle combined with the Dust Mitt to provide effective, convenient off-the-floor dusting. The dusting tools have a flexible head ... more info

Oval shape, for cleaning ceiling fans, walls and ceilings. Made of heavy-duty galvanized wire and 49% horse hair bristles. ... more info

Rubbermaid Commercial FGQ85000BK00 HYGEN Quick-Connect Flexible Dusting Wand with Microfiber Sleeve, Black. Has a 20-inch flexible dust frame to clean irregularly shaped surfaces. Features an aluminum handle with stainless steel rivets for corrosion resis ... more info

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