Top 20 Best Selling Fast-Pitch Softballs (2021)

Softball Sales 12 Weighted Training Softballs Boost your arm strength and add some speed to your pitches with these weighted training softballs. The Softball Sales Weighted Training Softballs are a great training aid for pitchers. Gradually increase the w ... more info

Poly-graphite center with red stitching. Cor .47/375 lbs. max comp. Ball is covered with leather. Little league-approved and stamped. Measures 11 diam. inches. ... more info

Diamond Sports 6 gallon bucket with 18 12YOS softballs is a great package for game or practice. The 12YOS softballs have an optic synthetic cover and a cork core. ... more info

Reaction Ball fielding aid is perfect for improvement of hand-eye coordination and reaction time. Volley the Reaction Ball between two athletes, or rebound it against a wall. Upon landing, the ball will bounce in an unpredictable manner. Repeating these s ... more info

These limited flight balls are fun for all ages. Whether at the park, on the baseball field, or even at the beach, these balls can be used nearly everywhere. ... more info

PLEASE NOTE: THIS ITEM CANNOT SHIP VIA 3-DAY DELIVERY.12 Official NCAA Championship Softball .47 COR/ 400 lb Max Compression Pro Leather Yellow Cover Raised Seam, Red Stitch Polycore Center ... more info

Poly-graphite center with red stitching. Cor .47/375 lbs. max comp. Ball is covered with leather. ASA-approved ball. Measures 11 diam. inches. ... more info

Synthetic Leather cover Designed to give you 1000s of game quality Batting Practice swings without damaging your Composite bats. 2 color cover allows you to monitor the ball spin. Black stitching. Core Type: Poly Quantity: Sold in Dozens Only ... more info

1 Dozen ASA Worth Fastpitch 12 Softball Hot Dot Official Yellow Leather Ball. .52 COR, 300 Compression used in ASA Softball Practices and Games ... more info

Franklin Sports Official 12 Fast Pitch Softball features a synthetic cover and a solid PU core. Vibrant yellow cover for better visibility. Use this ball for fast pitch tournament play. ... more info

Rawlings 12 ASA Official Collegiate Fastpitch Softball (Dozen) New Collegiate Yellow Leather Cover. ASA Fast Pitch Softball. New 18 higher Superstitch raise seam. Durable polyurethane center. Core Bond adhesive keeps cover in place. COR: .47 Compression: ... more info

High quality for practice hitting, pitching and fielding. Perfect for Softball and great for recreational play ... more info

COR .47 / 375 lb Max Comp. Cork Center ASA/NFHS Approved Optic Yellow Leather Cover Raised Red Stitching ... more info

DiamondDRC-11 RFPSC5 is a 11 reduced compression fastpitch softball. Super synthetic cover and raised fastpitch seams. ASA approved with red stitches. ... more info

Dudley ASA SB 12L Leather 12 Yellow Fast Pitch Softball ... more info

Dudley SB 12L NFHS Fast Pitch Leather Softballs Premium Granulated Cork for Quality, Consistency and Durability Dudley SB 12L NFHS Fast Pitch Leather Softballs features: Leather cover Cork center COR: .47 Compression: 375 lbs. Size: 12 Dudley...America's ... more info

Price is for 1 Dozen.The Champro CSB8 softball is a great game ball.Product SpecificationCOR and Compression: .47 COR - 375 lbs. Compression Core: Solid Poly Cover: Optic Yellow Durahide Synthetic (Red Stitching)Seams: Raised Size: 12 Stamped/Approved: AS ... more info

Diamond DSB Jumbo Softball is a great autograph ball. Give your coach an autographed ball with all the players signatures to commemorate the season. Use it for tournaments to get autographs from your favorite players! A great item to commemorate your soft ... more info

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