Top 20 Best Selling Eyewear Retainers Eye Protection (2021)

Chums Floating Neo Eyewear Eyewear Retainer ... more info

Peeper Keeper brand eyeglass retainers are world famous for their unique method of attaching to your eyeglass frames. No more constant adjusting of loose retainers. These are the best you will ever use. Now available in a 3 pack, (Save Money!). Unisex. ... more info

Beefy frames need a beefy retainer. The Original Cotton Large End retainer handles the thickest and widest frames imaginable with ease. Cool comfortable 100% cotton, it's the big brother to the Original Cotton Standard with all the same features and benef ... more info

An Eyewear retainer with an edge, the Chums Orbiter molds form with function. Ultra light and super sleek the Orbiter鈥檚 halo effect keeps it out of your way. The Orbiter has low profile flat temples that eliminate pressure points and fit all eyeglass styl ... more info

Chums Tech Cord Eyewear Retainer ... more info

These are Chums original cotton retainers.聽 They are made of soft cumfortable cotton, and easily adjust for either a snug or loose fit. ... more info

Providing convenient access to the safety eyewear the new black breakaway retainer cords are marked with the Harley-Davidson logo. Impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses. 99.9 percent UV protection. Scratch resistant hardcoat. ... more info

This high-visibility floating eyewear retainer is very easy to spot in the water. The Buoy Buddy will float frames up to 1.1 oz./32 g. ... more info

The world's first all-cotton, fully adjustable eyewear retainer is still the industry standard. The cotton Standard End fits a variety of the most common frame sizes. Its cotton construction is not only durable, but also cool and comfortable. ... more info

Never lose your glasses! The Hurricane ensures your glasses and hat aren't going one way and you the other when the wind picks up and the waves get big. With a unique re-useable breakaway strap that clips around you neck, the Hurricane keeps your glasses ... more info

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