Top 20 Best Selling Eyewear & Hearing Protection Hearing Enhancement Aids (2020)

For individuals who are interested in testing out the many uses of hearing amplification while in the field, Walker鈥檚 Game Ear is offering the Ultra Ear. This new product, from the leader in hearing protection and sound amplification, offers consumers th ... more info

For your ears only: Radians Custom Molded Earplugs. USA MADE! A perfect fit for shooting sports, construction work, ATVing, and more! These easy do-it-yourself Plugs take about 10 minutes to mold to the exact shape of your ear for a soft, permanent custom ... more info

High Decibel Reduction. NRR 37 dB. Highest hearing protection. Soft, comfortable foam ear cups. Padded and adjustable headband. Buckmark logo. ... more info

The new pink low-profile E-MaxTM hearing protection combines great circuitry with a low profile earcup that's ideal for all shooting styles. The two microphones in the E-MaxTM amplify sounds below 85 decibels, which amplifies normal communication, range c ... more info

Ruger Low-profile Shooting Muffs. For protection every time you shoot. Gunfire... the most hazardous, non-occupational noise in America. Hearing a single shot with an unprotected ear can lead to immediate, permanent hearing loss. Which is why it's critica ... more info

Walker鈥檚 Power Alpha incorporates highly advanced technology providing you with unsurpassed sound quality, excellent speech clarity, superior hearing protection and sound enhancement. With a Noise Reduction Rating on 24 dB the power muffs Alpha help prote ... more info

Radians庐 Rad Band驴 is ideal for intermittent hearing protection. The lightweight, dielectric design is fitted with super soft Jelli驴 Plugs for exceptional comfort. The Jelli驴 Plugs are washable and reusable and has a Noise Reduction Rate of 23 dB. ... more info

Noise activated internal baffle technology reduces impulse noise while still allowing normal conversation. Washable and reusable. Includes carrying case. ... more info

Walker鈥檚 Game Ear, Digital HD Elite Game Ear with Aridion Nano Technology is 20% smaller than standard game ears and has four digital sound processing channels that provide clear audio without outside interference. The 20 bit audio processor yields extre ... more info

Our best-selling ladies ear and eye protection, in one easy to buy kit! ... more info

January, 2013鈥alker鈥檚庐 Game Ear庐, the shooting and hunting industry pioneer in hearing protection, introduces the new Youth & Women Passive Folding Muff with 27dB NRR and ANSI S3.19 Rated for hearing protection. Features padded headband and soft PVC Ear ... more info

Remington True JR.驴 Ear Muff has a true reduced head band construction for the smaller of stature. The full size ear muffs ensures coverage and secure fit. It is styled to complement the T-10 True JR. safety glass. Noise Reduction Rating of 21. ... more info

NEW 2-pack of SoundGear Hearing Protection Devices for full protection in both ears while shooting or operating loud tools or machinery. You can't do better than these devices to protect your hearing at the point of impact. Original product from Sound Gea ... more info

Have a BLAST... safely! Browning Range Kit, ON SALE! The sights and sounds of a gun range can be dangerous! This all-in-one Kit covers all your bases. Tinted polycarbonate-lens Shooting Glasses protect your eyes and increase target visiblity at the same t ... more info

The Nano Technology coats every aspect of the Digital HD Power Elite Game Ear at a nanoscopic level and protects much more thoroughly than alternative approaches. This technology provides a truly durable, invisible liquid repellent coating inside and out ... more info

Walker鈥檚 Game Ear HD increases hearing up to 7 times and has 48 dB of power with a pre set high frequency response circuit. This is a Digital High Definition unit with emphasis on high frequency sounds, which are the sounds we need to hear when we are in ... more info

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