Top 20 Best Selling Eye Charts Low Vision Aids (2021)

The Snellen eye chart is the familiar chart with the big letter or symbol at the top and progressively smaller letters at the bottom of the chart down to 20/20 or better. This is a chart for measuring visual acuity at a distance - in other words, how well ... more info

Eye Chart Features: Precise, clear, legible; provides 20/800 distance equivalent testing at 14. Pocket Vision Screener Instructions Visual acuity (Va) can be assessed by using the Pocket Vision Screener (not to be confused with the larger Snellen eye char ... more info

Features: -Pocket Eye chart.-Plastic pocket eye chart with pupil gauge ... more info

Non-reflective matte finish. 20 ft. Test distance. Size: 22 x 11. ... more info

The Ennovation color eye Chart is designed as a fun and affordable method for adults to easily screen children for CVD (Color vision Dificiency). The Ennovation color Eye chart is to be used as a tool for early detection. ... more info

Accepted by leading authorities as a simple and accurate method for discovering congenital color blindness and red-green blindness, each in two forms, complete and incomplete. Includes four special plates for tests to determine the kind and degree of defe ... more info

20 ft. Test distance * Non-reflective matte finish * Size: 22 x 11 ... more info

Scrubsmart exclusive Snellen pocket eye chart and LED penlight set. -Pocket Eye chart. -Disposable LED penlight with pupil gauge ... more info

Plastic, matte finish, non-reflective eye chart with grommeted hole. Red and green color bars. Washable. Overall dimensions 22 inch by 10.75 inch ... more info

Illiterate * 20 ft. Test distance * Non-reflective matte finish * Size: 22 x 11 * ... more info

Snellen Pocket Eye Chart Plastic Pocket Eye Chart with Pupil Gauge. Dim: 3 7/8 x 7 5/16. 6/15cm ruler on reverse side. ... more info

Swallowing ImagesCharts Provide swallowing exercises and mirror all on one chart! New additional exercises are available to help maximize client-family understanding, compliance with the treatment program. Each set reinforces swallowing exercises and enco ... more info

Pocket eye chart set from Elite Medical Instruments Includes: Snellen pocket eye chart Rosenbaum pocket eye chart Disposable LED pupil gauge penlight ... more info

1264 Features: -Eye chart.-For use with the illuminated eye test cabinet #1258. Dimensions: -10' distance, 14 X 9. ... more info

1240 Features: -Eye chart. Color/Finish: -Non-reflective, matte finish with green and red color bars. Dimensions: -20' distance, 22x11. ... more info

Specification:100% Brand newThe eye occluder is shaped to occlude either eye without pressure. It is constructed of durable black plastic.Use for eye chart examGreat instrument for optometristOccluder size:Approx.6.2cm x 5.2cm(LxW)Handle length:Approx.15c ... more info

32 Features: -Eye chart.-Eye chart is used to determine near vision.-Lettering size increases for lesser visual acuity.-Size: Universal. ... more info

Snellen Eye Test Chart has nonreflecting matte finish. Brass eyelet. For 20' test distance. Red and green color bars. Plastic. 22 x 11. ... more info

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