Top 20 Best Selling External Zip Drives Data Storage (2021)

Zip Drive uses special 100M Zip disks. Use for backup and file storage for older PCs. ... more info

Iomega Zip 250 MB USB External Drive W/USB Cable No Adapter ... more info

PQI 6W41-0000R2002 Air Pen Wi-Fi Portable Cloud & Access Point Micro SDHC White ... more info

This is a legacy product from Iomega and is no longer manufactured. It is for use with Macs and PCs with SCSI cards. It reads and writes 100MB Zip Disks. It is not compatible with 250MB and 750MB Zip Disks. Some newer operating systems are not completely ... more info

PQI AC 6PP3-031R0002A i-Power 7800mAh Power Bank Micro USB input USB Output BK ... more info

MODEL- 32324 VENDOR- IOMEGA CORPORATION FEATURES- Zip 750 External USB 2.0 Zip 750MB drive. More speed. More capacity. The smart Iomega Zip 750MB Drive and Disk give me the high-speed durable portable storage solution to protect my important files. Plus b ... more info

Remember when floppy drives ruled the land of backup storage? With hard drives becoming ever more cavernous and file sizes becoming more bloated each year, it's a wonder those atrociously slow floppy drives still come standard on every computer. Maybe it' ... more info

Iomega Zip 750MB USB 2.0 External Drive for Pc or Mac With more speed and more capacity, the NEW Iomega庐 Zip庐 750MB drive and disk is the fast and durable portable storage solution to back up your important data. Iomega Automatic Backup software makesback ... more info

Connects to the USB port.The 100MB VL-Series Zip drive is an external drive solution that gives you the unparalleled Iomega reliability and quality that you've come to expect. As with any Zip Drive, you get fast, unlimited storage 100MB at a time (with Io ... more info

A USB connection provides simple plug-and-play capability for the 100 MB Zip drive from Iomega. Compatible with Macs or PCs, this compact external storage device works like a hybrid floppy and hard drive, letting you easily access files and application ... more info

IOMEGA 10670 IOMEGA 10670 Zip 100MB ATAPI/IDE Drive. Internal. Fast. Plug and InternalProduct Details: Manufacturer: IOMEGAPart Number: 10670Category: HARD DRIVE Interface: IDE Capacity: N/ARotation Speed: N/A Form Factor: InternalItem Condition: HDE ... more info

Iomega 100MB Ext Par Zip Drive Z100P2, P/N 04122B00 (#3), adapter, cable ... more info

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