Top 20 Best Selling Exposure Units Screen Printing (2021)

The 16x20table top exposure is a low cost way to step up your screen printing exposure game. With this screen printing exposure unit you are able to burn higher quality and crisper images vs. using an above exposure light or the sun. How? This table top e ... more info

1620E Exposure Unit Is Compact Measuring Only 20 X 25 X 5. The 1620E Unit Uses A UV Black Light System For The Perfect Frequency And Minimum Exposure Time. The 1620E Also Has A Pin Registration System Allowing You To Pre-Register Your Artwork For Faster S ... more info

Specifications 1) Voltage: 110V 2) Exposing area:20 X 24 3) Power of light tubes: 160W 4) Plug standard: US, Canada 5) Time range: 0s-999s 6) Carton Dimensions: 34X25X11(86×64×27cm)Note: The maximum outer sizes of your screen frame must be within 24.8 x ... more info

Ever been told, you can't expose a good screen with out a Vacuum Exposure Unit? Did you know that what a vacuum exposure unit does is insure positive pressure between the screen, the film and the glass? For over a $1000 less then a vacuum exposure unit yo ... more info

Automated UV Screen Exposure Unit Large 25x36Ryonet's New 8 bulb exposure unit has 240 watts of unfiltered UV power and offers half tone capabilities! This 25x36 table top unit is built of extruded aluminum and is undoubtedly one of the best units on the ... more info

This exposing unit is capable of exposing steel plates and polymer plates. Here are some characteristics: Excellent outlook with strong and light machine body. Users' eyes and skin are protected by the closed metal case in preventing leakage of UV light ... more info

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