Top 20 Best Selling Expansion Shield Anchors (2021)

The double expansion shield is used for medium duty applications in rock, concrete and brick. This anchor eliminates high stress points detrimental in fastening into materials of medium hardness. This anchor expands fully, has high gripping power, and is ... more info

Hole Diameter: 5/8 in Anchor Length: 4-3/4 in Thread Length: 2-3/4 in Allowable Loads (Greater Than/Equal To 4000 psi Concrete): Embed Depth: 4 Tension (lb): 3385 Shear (lb): 3910 For Base Materials: Lightweight Concrete, Uncracked Concrete, Lightweight C ... more info

- Dixit volume 3 - Extension pour le jeu Dixit - Contient 聽84 nouvelles cartes ... more info

The Wej-it LA0612 expansion shield anchor is made of lead alloy and provides a secure hold for lightweight fixtures in masonry and concrete. The anchor withstands moisture and has notches on its head that grip the mounting material to prevent the anchor f ... more info

Hole Diameter: 1/4 in Anchor Length: 1-3/4 in Thread Length: 3/4 in Allowable Loads (Greater Than/Equal To 4000 psi Concrete): Embed Depth: 1-1/8 in Tension (lb): 430 Shear (lb): 530 For Base Materials: Lightweight Concrete, Uncracked Concrete, Lightweigh ... more info

Hole Diameter: 3/8 in Minimum Embed Depth: 1-1/2 in Max.Fixture Thickness as Min. Embed Depth: 7/8 in Install Torque (ft-lb): 40 Allowable Loads (4000 psi Concrete): Standard Embed Depth: 2 in Tension (lb): 1420 Shear (lb): 1965 For Base Materials: Concre ... more info

Hole Diameter: 3/4 in Minimum Drill Depth: 2-5/8 in Minimum Embed Depth: 2 in Max. Fixture Thickness at Min. Embed Depth: 1/2 in Allowable Work Loads at Minimum Embed in 4000 psi Concrete: Tension (lb): 1500 Shear (lb): 3000 For Base Materials: Uncracked ... more info

Our IO expansion board is evolving, this latest V5 IO expansion shield is now supporting Xbee. It combines our popular Xbee shield with IO expansion shield(V4). It even supports SD card which provides the ultimate functional expansion for Arduino so far. ... more info

The L.H. Dottie 21 Anchor, Tapered with Collar, #6-8-10 by 7/8-inch length, fits 3/16-inch drill size. Made of durable plastic. Red color. This listing is for a standard package containing 100 units. Packed in Invincibox. Drill a hole into drywall, concre ... more info

The ESA was original internally threaded mechanical anchor design. The malleable lead shield allows for secure mounting. Installation Instructions: Drill a hole in the base material using the appropriate diameter carbide drill bit as specified in the tabl ... more info

Simpson Strong Tie ESA37 Expansion Screw Anchor 3/8-16 (50) ... more info

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