Top 20 Best Selling Engine Tools Tools & Equipment (2021)

Jaw opening of 1-3/8 inch to 5-5/8 inch (35mm to 142mm) and throat clearance of 5-7/8 inch (150mm). ... more info

Precision blades are offset at the proper angle for adjustment of valve tappets. Blades are approximately 1/2 inch wide by 4 inch long. 11 offset steel blades. ... more info

This professional kit can be used for domestic and import applications. High and low pressure gauges make this kit useful for both transmission and engine work. Kit comes complete with adapter for most applications. Designed to be used for both static and ... more info

For Servicing the Timing Belt, Chains, Head Gaskets or Other Valve Train Repairs on Ford, Mercury and Mazda Vehicles. ... more info

Required when servicing many late model engines that use torque-to-yield fasteners. Measures angle of rotation after pre-torque in torque-angle applications. The 360掳 scale is marked in 2掳 increments and intervals of 10掳 and 30掳; easily zeroed for next ap ... more info

This easy to use and read tool allows for accurate belt tension to be set after belt replacement, adjustment, or wheel service. Use on secondary drive belts with a 10 pounds specification. Instructions: 1. Position the small O-ring over the 10 pounds mark ... more info

Universal design fits many different size pulleys having slots or holes such as camshaft pulleys or crankshaft pulleys. Wrench is adjustable from 1-1/2 to 8-5/8; four different size step pins are interchangeable. Long handle enables technician to easily h ... more info

Lisle mechanic's stethoscope features a unique sound chamber and super thin diaphragm that greatly amplifies sounds. It quickly pinpoints the source of noises in engines, transmissions, differentials and bearings. ... more info

This tool is used to cut pipes 3/4 inch to 3 inches (19 to 76 millimeters) in diameter.聽It has fifteen (15) blades that effectively cut pipe, so only a 1/4 inch rotation is needed for a complete cut.聽The handles are plastisol-dipped for easy grip and comf ... more info

This Terminal Release Tool is required for removal of the vehicle's injector wiring harness without causing damage to the component. OTC offers a new selection of service tools for Aftermarket professionals who service the Navistar 6.0L Diesel Engine foun ... more info

Determines whether oil pressures are within car manufacturer's specifications. Diagnoses various transmission troubles. Includes 300 lb. pressure gauge, fittings and 6-foot flexible hose. ... more info

Locks Flywheel in place when removing harmonic balancer on 6.6l duramax engines with Allison automatic transmissions. Saves time by locking the flywheel at the transmission instead of having to remove the starter for water pump replacement. On 2500 and 35 ... more info

Tool snaps around cooler line and when pushed into the fitting releases the fitting. The cooler line can then be removed. 3/8 disconnect is used on 2003 - newer Ford Explorers with the 5R55W transmission. (Similar to Ford No. 307-441.) 1/2 disconnect is u ... more info

OTC7471A Features: -Works on Cummins B and C series diesel engines and 5.9L liter diesels used in Dodge pickups Need to manually rotate an engine? This tool makes the job easy. Just insert the tool into the flywheel housing until it engages the ring gear, ... more info

Equus Oil Pressure Nylon Tubing Kits includes an 0.125 inch, 0.25 inch and 72 inch tubing. They are made from high quality nylon that ensures long lasting durability. These kits facilitates hassle free installation of oil pressure gauges. ... more info

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