Top 20 Best Selling Electroscopes & Van de Graffs Meters (2022)

EISCO Parallel Plate Capacitor Demonstration(1) Demonstration apparatusTo study the principle of capacitance, its relationship with charge and voltage, its dependence on surface area of conductors and dielectric medium between two plates. It consists of 1 ... more info

Demonstration Electroscope(1) ElectroscopeFor the demonstration of static potentials. Available with charging ball plus a set of condenser plates with insulated rod. Ring diameter 150 mm ... more info

Thrill your high school and middle school students with exciting demonstrations as impressive as Paul Hewitt's. Show sparks fly. Make hair stand on end. Illustrate how positive and negative ions attract or repel, and more. It's easy with our new low-cost ... more info

This rugged unit will help you give demonstrations that will impress the socks off your students, or at least stand their hair on end. The variable speed generator will develop potentials as high as 350,000 volts making it possible to perform all basic el ... more info

EISCO pith electroscope is used to demonstrate static electricity. The electroscope has two pith balls suspended on unspun silk threads which are attached to a pillar to test for charged objects. The pillar is made of plated brass for durability, and is m ... more info

Gold Leaf Electroscope(1) ElectroscopeRectangular sheet metal case and polythene insulated lid with finger flap to facilitate removal. Fitted with 4mm socket. Front glass window slides up to allow insertion of ionizing material in chamber. ... more info

These colorful cars allow you to experiment with elastic and inelastic collisions and conservation of momentum and energy quickly and economically. Each blue plastic car has a 10 long spring steel bumper, deep well for weights (not included) and low-frict ... more info

This Van de Graaff Generator kit has been designed to be built in less than on hour and will two hands down be the best Van de Graaff you have ever owned. This unit will produce over 400KV in voltage and at least 40 micro amps of current. This will do a ... more info

This gold foil electroscope is a classic in physics demonstrations and science classes. This unit is bigger and easier for the student to view. The leaf is a little larger and the wide radius of swing provides a visual and sensitive demonstration. The uni ... more info

EISCO Electroscope Needle(1) Electroscope needleSimple to use, fitted with sensitive needle which pivots on an axle and indicates on graduated scale when electrostatic charge applied to disc. Dimensions 95 x 60 x 105 mm approximately. ... more info

EISCO Premium Van De Graaff Generator - Hand operated(1) Van De Graaff Generator, (1) Discharging SphereThis hand powered Van De Graaff Generator has a 20cm diameter metal sphere. It comes with a 10cm diameter discharging sphere. The kit comes partially d ... more info

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