Top 20 Best Selling Electrophoresis Systems Life Science & Microbiology Supplies (2021)

Our submarine gel electrophoresis units include many unique and exclusive advantages. Chameleon features the most innovative gel casting system with aluminum bars that completely eliminates taping. UV transparent trays have built-in notches to prevent gel ... more info

The MT-108 Horizontal electrophoresis units offer many advantages for nucleic acid separation. Agarose gels are easy to cast and samples are easy to load. MT-108's longer tray allows running of bigger fragments to attain higher resolution. Its molded desi ... more info

These great value power supplies run gels quickly. Both power supplies operate two M6plus units, two M12 units or two hexagels (at 75 v). The duosource runs gels in 40-50 minutes (at 75 v) and the evt 300 runs gels as fast as 20-30 minutes (at 150 v). ... more info

DNA electrophoresis for your whole class with just a single gel tank! Six groups of students can load their own individual gels and the six gels are run together in 30-40 minutes giving excellent results! Eliminate cumbersome gel tray taping and pour gels ... more info

Additional comb. For 25cm x 25cm HR-2525 horizontal electrophoresis system (IB57000). Size: 1.0mm Thick, 50 tooth, MCP. 2 Additional comb per pack. ... more info

Runs one group of student samples (or a classroom demonstration) in 30-40 minutes. Durable and easy to use. Excellent results every time. ... more info

Designed to power four M6 or M12 units, or two HexaGels units at a time. Features an easy-to-use fully programmable interface for setting voltage, current or timer control with each parameter displayed in real-time. You can even pause or resume the progra ... more info

This Eppendorf Micro Fusion Chamber is for use with the Eppendorf Multiporator. It has a gap width of 0.5mm. The Eppendorf Multiporator basic unit is made up of a module designed to electroporate eukaryotic cells. Additional Multiporator modules allow for ... more info

TBE's significantly greater buffering capacity (relative to TAE) eliminates the need for recirculation in all but the most extended runs. This attribute makes TBE the buffer of choice for DNA sequencing and other extended electrophoresis applications. Sto ... more info

Extra 8-well comb for the Carolina(tm) Gel Electrophoresis Chamber (#213668). ... more info

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