Top 20 Best Selling Electronics & Gadgets Calorie Counters (2020)

- Model: R022M. - Watch case color: mainly grey. - Material: hard plastic (watch case), soft rubber (watch band) and stainless steel (back cover). - Unisex design, suitable for men and women to wear. - 100% brand new and high quality Sports Heart Pulse Ra ... more info

Streamlined for a sleek look, our BodyTRNr sports monitor is a stylish way to track your fitness. Bluetooth technology transmits distance, steps, calories and more to the New Balance SmartTRNr App on your smart phone so you can see your progress and set g ... more info

This watch has been designed to calculate the calories burned and pulse rate of an AVERAGE. Individual based on preset age, weight, and sex. Based on your preset information memorized by the watch, the calorie watch is able to determine how many calories ... more info

3D highly sensitive acceleration transducer built-in, which could detect each tiny move of yours, making more accurate pace counting. It does not only could trace your consuming calories, paces, moving distance, but also could set and check your exercise ... more info

Sports Exercise Watch - Instantly see how many calories you've just burned with that last workout! Providing you accurate, real-time training data based on your pulse and personal fitness level, this Sports Exercise Watch is a must-have training accessory ... more info

100% brand new and high quality Rotator-Swivel-action head rotates in both directions, allowing you to jump forward, backward, or crisscross Display LCD, you can clearly read times, calories burned and fat reduced Just enter your weight to accurately calc ... more info

Features Overview: These counter is metal silver white. It could be used for count person or other things. like golf points and any other sports. Counts from 0000 - 9999 with a reset button on the side and a keyring/loop at the top. Have fun like Ben Affl ... more info

Description: * This digital cordless jumping rope has a built in timer, calorie and jump counter and will help you to lose weight fast without the need for skill or coordination. * This cordless jump rope gives you all the calorie burning benefits of a t ... more info

Description Features: 100% Brand New and High Quality This pedometer counts steps when it vertically moves. In case the user is on bus and don't need to count step, they can close or restart the step-counting function by the following operation: keep pres ... more info

Sports Exercise Watch with Pulse Calorie Reader Specifications Primary Function: Sports Exercise Watch Display: LCD Time Display: 12H or 24H display (Hour/Min/Sec) and Date (Month/Day) Functions: Calorie Counter Alarm Stopwatch Pulse Mode Personal inf ... more info

The Sportline 555 measures calories-burned based on activity, includes a full-featured fitness watch and a laser-tuned sport and countdown timers. Measures calories-burned based on activity, full-featured fitness watch, laser-tuned sport and countdown ti ... more info

Descriptions: High quality Watch Condition: 100% Band New 100% Brand New. Weight: 10g Watch shell size: 0.4cm X 1cm Strap width: 0.7cm Silicone watch band STYLE: Fashion, ODM Style Quartz movement to give you more precise time. We have more than 10 color ... more info

*Chronograph (stopwatch) with split lap time *External pulse mode for determining heart rate at any time *Exercise counter with automatic and manual override calories counter This stylish watch is ideal for monitoring your pulse rate and your c ... more info

Features: 1. Real Time Mode / Daily Alarm Mode / Pulse Mode / Exercise Mode 2. Continuous Heart Rate Reading in a while with the indication of instant heart rate changing 3. Exercise Heart Rate measure and Resting Heart Rate measure modes 4. Analyst the H ... more info

From the Manufacturer: Compact design and portable Machanically jumps by every press, quick reaction Counts Range: 0000 to 9999 This stainless desk and handheld counter with 4 digits is ideal for all counting needs, special large events, inventory ... more info

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