Top 20 Best Selling Electronic Drum Amps Drum & Percussion Accessories (2021)

Amplifier handles designed to fit most current and vintage Fender(R) amplifiers / All mounting hardware is included ... more info

Genuine Fender Original Series amp corners. Three screw design with mounting hardware. Fender part: 099-1350-000. ... more info

30 Watt personal drum monitor for digital drums. Aux input jack for playing along with mp3/CD players. 10' coaxial speaker delivers full rich sound for drums, keyboards, or drum machines. Wide frequency spectrum 3-Band EQ Dual Voice Coil Driver ... more info

This 12 version of the Jensen Blackbird is extremely warm and smooth, with a very rich, fat low end and sparkling highs. It handles overdrive distortion by bringing out colorful detail and holding strong even at maximum crunch. ... more info

Genuine Fender 1 meg solid shaft potentiometer. Audio taper. As used on the vintage reissue Jaguar and Jazz master guitars as well as the '69 Tele Thin line. ... more info

Impedance: 16 ohms Power Rating: 150W Maximum Power: Frequency Response: 70Hz-5kHz Voice Coil Diameter: 2, 50.8mm Depth: 5.1, 130mm Coil Construction: Copper voice coil Magnet Composition: Ferrite magnet Cone composition: Paper Cone Nominal Basket Diamete ... more info

The KDA50 draws on decades of amp design and manufacturing experience at Kustom. This model was built from the ground up to offer world-class tone, useful features and reliable performance. ... more info

Eminence Patriot EPS-15C 15 Neo Pedal Steel Guitar Speaker Lighten your load, not your tone. Weighing less than 8 lbs., the Eminence Patriot Series EPS-15C 15 guitar speaker features a cast aluminum frame and an ultra-lightweight neodymium magnet. Boastin ... more info

The Electric Lightning's tone is straightforward and powerful with fat lows, throaty mids, and crisp, bright highs. It is a true in-your-face rock 'n' roll speaker that can handle the heaviest of playing styles and is designed for loud applications. ... more info

This Eminence speaker fits '59 Bassman. 8 ohm. 30W power handling. ... more info

Ferrite magnet. Copper winding. Kapton voice coil former. Paper cone. Pressed sheet steel basket. 25W rated power. 50W musical power... ... more info

Jensen Mods are a series of Jensen musical instrument speakers developed to give a contemporary feel with a touch of the old British sound. The Jensen Mod Series speakers are designed for precision amplifiers which require a speaker that complements the s ... more info

The Roland PM-01 personal drum monitor makes a useful, small, and value-packed addition to your Roland HD-1 electronic drum kit — and it sounds awesome, too! The PM-01 puts 15 watts of power through a full-range 4 speaker, and its distinctive-looking encl ... more info

One of Jensen's most popular models, this speaker features bell-like highs and a very smooth mid-range. It is versatile enough for any musical genre from surf music to hard edged rock.. ... more info

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