Top 20 Best Selling Electrodes Water Quality & Instrumentation (2022)

Eco-Patch® White Cloth Backed Electrodes 2.0 x 2.0 square with black carbon conductor and US Made Covidien® Gel Adhesive for use with most stimulators and Massagers Designed for personal use. The US Made Gel Adhesive is well known to provide multiple appl ... more info

Large Butterfly Shaped 4.0 x 6.0 Electrodes 1 per pack. Each electrodes has two lead wires so it can be used by itself. Comfortable white foam backing with carbon conductor and premium US Made Covidien® Gel Adhesive designed for multiple application. Grea ... more info

Tan Cloth Backed Electrodes Featuring US Made Covidien® Gel Adhesive 10 packs of 2.0 x 2.0 electrodes, 4 electrodes per pack Total 40 Electrodes Compatible with most Electronic Massagers and other stimulators using pin (pig tail) type connectors. ... more info

High quality, Flexi-Mesh Backed TENS electrodes with High Conductivity in a curved panel shape, ideal for wrapping round joints, or on body contours. Suits all machines which accept normal snap/stud connector, supplied as shown with 1/8 diameter studs (fi ... more info

The complete Nikotab System provides superior contacts with the highest quality adhesive - electrode to skin, clip electrode and lead-wire to clip, saving you time and money. Only the Nikotab System creates a stable base which allows the highest percentag ... more info

Features of the 3M Red Dot Multi-Purpose Monitoring Electrode: Multi-purpose, hypoallergenic electrodes that stay in place for up to five days. Hypoallergenic adhesive is kind to skin. Compact size is possible due to new, high performance adhesive. Conven ... more info

Current Solutions white foam top electrode is for use with an electrotherapy device, and is self-adhering and reusable for efficient use. The electrode is flexible and conformable to fit a variety of application sites, and has a comfortable molded connect ... more info

* FDA Approved * Can be used for various ECG tests, monitoring. * Uses an Ag/AgCl sensing element and Hydro-gel for adhesion. * These are excellent components for sensitive monitoring. * Hydro-gel's main advantage is one of minimizing movement artifacts b ... more info

ValuTrode® Fabric Carbon Film reusable electrodes are an economical way to get superior conductivity. ValuTrodes® afford first-rate conformity, optimum distribution of current and a Multi- Stick® patented 2-layer adhesive gel which eliminates performance ... more info

Long lasting .040 inch thick hydrogel - Superior conformability to body contours. ... more info

BodyMed Carbon Electrodes Fabric Back with Multistick Gel 1-1/4 Round, White, Reusable, Latex-free. One package of four electrodes Carbon electrodes for use with TENS and electrical muscle stimulators Flexible and reusable ... more info

Ajax Scientific Copper electrode strip. 100-millimeters length by 19-millimeters width. ... more info

2 x 2, series of electrodes are our highest quality electrodes made with premium gel made in the United States. The electrodes are packaged in a tamper evident, resealable, mylar foil package which helps maintain maximum quality. These electrodes are avai ... more info

Ajax Scientific Zinc electrode strip. 132-millimeters length by 25-millimeters width. ... more info

Magicfly 40 replacement Electronis Pulse Massager Pads, White What's it? The Electronic Pulse Massager Pads is perfect for the most of Electronic Pulse Massager. It comes with 4 pads, easy to use and light to carry. It is a refill for the the tens machin ... more info

PT# 31433538 PT# # 31433538- Electrode EKG/ECG Q-Trace Gel 5400 Series Adult 1x7/8 100/Pk by, Kendall Company ... more info

The Pre-Wired Electrodes offer extreme flexibility. Designed to last two weeks or more, the adhesive is durable while being non-irritating and latex-free. The pre-wired socket system permits easy lead wire connections when the electrode is applied to thos ... more info

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