Top 20 Best Selling Electrical Testers & Test Leads Diagnostic & Test Tools (2021)

View larger Electronic Test Lead Kit CAT III-1000V safety rating, the TL809 kit is ideal for testing digital circuitry. Compatible with virtually any meter equipped with shrouded banana input jacks, this kit's interchangeable probe tips, alligator cl ... more info

10-Piece Set, Color Coded vinyl covered alligator clips. Each clip is crimped to ensure a good conduction. Good quality clips that close well and a strong spring to keep it closed. 10-Piece set contains two of each: Black, red, white, green, and yellow. 2 ... more info

Test Lead Set of banana plugs to large alligator clips. Two colors, black and red. Keep some of these handy sets on hand for your next electronics project. Lead length 36-Inch. ... more info

Test lead set of Banana plugs to Test leads with alligator Clips. These two leads are color coded in red and black, one each. Keep these handy leads on hand for your next electronics project. Lead length 36-Inch. ... more info

Power Supply to Activate Electronic Components, Power and Ground Feed, High ImpedanceĀ Circuit Tester, Digital Volt Meter and Diagnostic Tester Modes, Case and Accessories. ... more info

Power Supply to Activate Electronic Components, Power and Ground Feed Tester, High Impedance Circuit Tester with Digital Volt Meter and Diagnostic Tester Modes with Complete Lead Set and Adapters to Fit, to Extend and to Reach for Unsurpassed Connectivity ... more info

Tester plugs into tow vehicle and LED illuminates to show if connectors are correct and working. Check turn signals, tail and brake lights on your trailer. ... more info

The Amprobe TL35B test lead set contains two polyvinyl chloride (PVC) insulation lead wires with two threaded probe tips and two threaded alligator clips for connecting a compatible electrical test meter to a device in electrical testing applications. The ... more info

Piercing probe (small) Self centering wire piercing. ... more info

Flexible 1.5 inch silicon pins provide easy back probing connections for DMM and scope measurements. These have become very popular for use in diagnostic troubleshooting. They are especially handy for back probing harness connectors in difficult areas. Th ... more info

Use this short tester to locate shorts quickly and inexpensively in 12 volt automotive circuits. Eliminates the need to remove upholstery and floor coverings. Simply connect leads to posts of blown fuse. Induction type needle indicator pinpoints locati ... more info

2 leads with banana connector and test probe 8 clips banana connectors 4 probe tip extenders/adaptors 2 alligator clips 2 spade lugs with banana connectors CAT II; 300V. (USA) ... more info

Tekonsha part # 6562 is a 7-way blade tester and trailer emulator with LED display. It can be used to check the electrical continuity of all circuits in the 7-way blade style connecter. Plug the tester into any car connector and you can check the followin ... more info

This analyzer tests conventional and electronic ignitions and starting/charging systems on domestic and import vehicles. The ranges of the analyzer are dwell, voltmeter and tachometer. This analyzer is compatible with both domestic and import vehicles. It ... more info

The Power Probe Master KIT includes a complete PPLS01, ECT2000 Kit and PP319FTC Kit.Ā This is the Master Techniciansā€™ Choice. ... more info

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