Top 20 Best Selling Electric & Battery Operated Staplers (2021)

LightTouch requires only half the force of traditional staplers and delivers consistent, smooth and quiet stapling performance. This reduced effort desktop stapler features a 20 sheet stapling capacity and soft grip surfaces to allow for comfortable handh ... more info

Swingline, a leading brand in workspace tools for the business, home and mobile office for over 80 years continues to introduce new staplers, sharpeners, punches and trimmers that solve common workplace frustrations and increase productivity. The basic al ... more info

Light Touch Reduced Effort Stapler simplifies stapling two to 20 sheets. Stapler is engineered for smooth, easy operation, and excels at low sheet counts. For best performance, use Swing line S.F. 4 Premium Staples. Full-strip stapler design accommodates ... more info

Smooth and quiet stapling comes naturally with this reduced effort handheld stapler. Only needs half as much force to operate as Standard Staplers. Features 20 sheet stapling capacity and a smaller size for easier handheld use. ... more info

The Swingline Optima 45 Electric Stapler offers users complete control in one quiet stapler with an innovative option that allows for toggling between manual and automatic operation. Able to staple up to 45 sheets of 20 pound paper with Optima ... more info

Delivers virtually non-stop stapling ease. Optical trip firing provides fast stapling and the AntiJam floating core is designed to eliminate staple jams. Staples up to 20 sheets. Plastic and metal construction. 1/2 throat depth. Front loads a full strip ( ... more info

The Staple-Free Stapler from The Classics is easy and fun to use. The Paper Grip” allows you to easily attach 2 to 5 sheets of paper without using a single staple. Smaller stapling jobs are the most common, and the durable Staple-Free Stapler Paper Grip” ... more info

Heavy-duty plier stapler answers the need for light and heavy-duty stapling of odd-sized papers. Ideal for the post room, shops, store, home and office. Use to staple 50 sheets easily. Design includes a chrome-plated metal construction and adjustable anvi ... more info

The Swingline Optima Grip electric stapler provides true handheld use and go-anywhere portability with a compact design that lets you take reliable automatic stapling wherever you need it. Peace of mind with a jam-free guarantee and total intuitive user c ... more info

UNV43067 Electric Stapler with Staple Channel Release Button, 15-Sheet Capacity, Black Zip through stacks of paper with easy electric stapling. Staple channel release button simplifies loading and unloading. Durable plastic and metal construction for depe ... more info

Nano Mini Stapler offers a 12-sheet capacity and push-button stapling with the press of just one finger. Ideal for home, school or office. Compact stapler fits easily in drawers, backpacks and briefcases and uses standard staples ... more info

The surprisingly quiet commercial 3-hole electric punch provides speed and high quality that you can count on. Punches up to 28 sheets at the touch of a button. Patented punch technology and touch button control delivers clean and easy hole punch results. ... more info

Productivity is top of mind with the speed and exceptional stamina of this durable electric stapler. Patented cartridge technology delivers 5,000 staples without reloading for enhanced productivity, efficiency and consistency. Staples up to 30 sheets. Adj ... more info

Designed for over 500,00 stapling operations. 90 Sheet capacity. 5,000 staples without reloading. Quiet and low vibration system. LED low staple and safety indicator. Flat clinch technology. ... more info

The Swingline Optima 20 Electric Stapler offers users complete control in one quiet stapler with an innovative option that allows for toggling between manual and automatic operation. Able to staple up to 20 sheets of 20 pound paper with Optima premium sta ... more info

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