Top 20 Best Selling Drums Drum Sets & Set Components (2018)

Snare Drum kit is perfect for students. Has what you need to start playing. This kit features a 14 inch metal-shelled snare drum and a double-braced stand. It even comes with a rubber practice pad to mute the drum's sound while your student pactices at ho ... more info

The super 30 series utilizes the same steel-alloy wires, handcrafted construction methods and exclusive copper end clips as the custom series in a 30-strand format designed to increase snare response and articulation. compared to other wide-format snare w ... more info

Custom series wires feature medium-gauge wire with evenly spaced, standard coils. The custom line offers four different strand configurations that can be employed to change the balance between the drum and snare components of the sound. Models with more s ... more info

Blasters series snare wires are professional quality snares developed for high volume, high intensity drumming. They feature specially formulated, premium-grade steel-alloy wires on angled, copper-colored end clips. The exclusive bent end clips create gre ... more info

A controlled sound but with resonance and sensitivity at all tuning and dynamic ranges, EC Snare head combines two-plies of film (6.5mil external, 10mil internal) with Evan's 'Edge Control' technology to eliminate the mid-range frequencies that muddy up t ... more info

The AB -FTB Floor Tom Bracket fits any drummer that would like to improve his floor toms legs grip. a tight grip supply a longer sustain and stability of the floor tom at the position that you prefer. ... more info

The SR-018 is designed to fit Pearl's line of Piccolo Snare Drums. ... more info

Upgrade your drum kit with the HP200P Iron Cobra 200 single kick drum pedal. Designed with the same ideas as the Iron Cobra 900, the 200 gives you the performance you want at a killer price. Tama's Spring Tight pedal spring adjustment, the HP200P gives yo ... more info

Black powder coated, die cast base table top, kick drum or conference table mic stand. Straight post adjusts from 9 to 14 1/8. ... more info

Pearl Educational Kits offer every percussion student a great start with superior components and easy transport features ... more info

With accentuated low-end response, the EMAD Resonant is a 7mil Black reso with a fixed internal control ring. It comes with two interchangeable foam rings that install in the 5 offset microphone port and allow the user to manipulate attack, tone, and sus ... more info

The Mapex MPX all birch 14 inch X 5.5 inch inch snare is excellent for a main all purpose snare drum. The gloss Transparent Midnight Black finish complimeted by all black hardware gives the drum a modern look to match it's overall great sound. ... more info

Unlike gels and tape, BFSD lowers the fundamental pitch of the drum without any of the hassle. Simply placed on top of your existing snare skin, the custom blend of patent pending rubber and plastic instantly face-lifts your medium to high-pitched tuned s ... more info

Gretsch Brooklyn series metal snare drums add another professional and distinctive voice to the Gretsch snare line up. The straight-sided chrome over brass shell (with Gretsch center knurl pattern) is offered in two sizes, 5x14 (8 lug) and 6.5x14 (10 lug) ... more info

The S-022 is a 20 strand replacement snare wire for 14 snare drums. This particular model features plastic straps ... more info

View larger The EMAD Design The EMAD series bass drum head is named for the externally mounted adjustable damping system. This system allows each player to control the attack and focus of the drum head by choosing one of two removable foam damping rings ... more info

Clear Pinstripe heads are made with two 7-mil Mylar plies, and have quick decay, making them ideal heads for the fat sounds of Pop, Rock and R&B and for those who want a low pitched sound with moderate attack and response characteristics. ... more info

The Bass Drum O's Hole Cutter accurately cuts circular sound holes in your bass drum resonant head for venting, porting and microphone access. ... more info

5 x 14 Supra-Phonic chrome plated snare drum. Features a smooth shell with classic lugs. This snare has been used in countless recordings and stage shows for years, and it's easy to hear why. ... more info

The Bahia Bass Buffalo drums produce a low frequency bass tone that is found in many traditional drums from Africa, Brazil, and the indigenous cultures of the Americas. Manufactured with the vinyl Bahia Bass fixed pre-tuned drumhead and Remo's patented AC ... more info

Our Instruments and Accessories are brand new, direct from our manufacturer. All of our instruments have a 1 Year Limited Warranty!. We are in direct contact with our manufacturer which makes our instruments a safe purchase for you. We sell to many school ... more info

A 7mil resonant head with an offset 5 microphone port and an internal overtone control ring, the EQ3 delivers a warm and punchy sound with a controlled, short decay that's ideal for both live and studio applications. ... more info

Value priced Heavy Ready Drum Bags are loaded with features including a rugged 600D nylon exterior, dense protective 5mm padding, durable non-abrasive lining, oversized dual zippers, adjustable shoulder strap, and a large sizing identification patch. Heav ... more info

Pacific Drums by DW 800 Series Snare Stand ... more info

Custom series wires feature medium-gauge wire with evenly spaced, standard coils. The custom line offers four different strand configurations that can be employed to change the balance between the drum and snare components of the sound. Models with more s ... more info

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