Top 20 Best Selling Drum Accessories Drum Set Accessories (2021)

Made for double-pedal, this non-slip black nylon bass drum patch softens attack slightly and strengthens the head without affecting sustain or low-end. ... more info

CODA 200 Series hardware features double bracing, good chrome plating, and steel tubes. This hardware is great for replacements on old kits or for expanding new kits. ... more info

The SMI Base Drum pedal is everything you need and demand in a foot pedal. Our Instruments and Accessories are Brand new, direct from our manufacturer. All of our instruments have a 1 Year Limited Warranty!. We are in direct contact with our manufacturer ... more info

Kevlar non-stretch strap drive system. Wave pedal board design. Dual surface beater. Adjustable spring tension. Lightweight, sturdy powder coated frame. ... more info

Deluxe, Heavy-Duty Pro Quality Double Drum Pedal. Chain-drive mechanisms. Two, multiple-style beaters can be used one per pedal, or doubled up on one pedal. Center linkage adjusts from 15-22.5. Overall width approximately 13-38.5. Includes drum key. ... more info

The Iron Cobra 600 Series is middle entry in Tama's popular Iron Cobra family of kick drum pedals. 600 Series bass drum pedals sport a unique convertible cam that lets you select your preferred pedal action. The innovative Duo Glide cam lets you easily sw ... more info

The GP Percussion 11021B folding Bongo Drum Stand from GP Percussion features heavy-duty, double-braced legs. Mounting head holds most bongo drum styles as well as a Percussion Cow Bell. Adjustable height and head angle. Height range 29-46 inches. ... more info

Responsive rubber kick pad large enough to accomodate a double bass pedal ... more info

The DW 3002 Double Bass Drum Pedal offers increased stability with the upgraded double-chain turbo (centered cam) drive systems. The slotted stroke adjustment allows infinite beater angle adjustment and the ball-bearing rocker reduces friction. The dual a ... more info

This Armory Series Single Kick Pedal offers lighting fast speed and rock solid stability. With features like the torque-free spring system, an extended footboard and the Falcon-style reversible beater with interchangeable weight, every Armory pedal is a g ... more info

The Demonator is a single-chain drive pedal, equipped with a Demon Style Powershifter long-footboard. An聽interchangeable cam (US Pat. #6172291) and infinitely adjustable beater angle allow you to customize the pedal to your preferred feel and power. Pearl ... more info

Professional single chain drive bass drum pedal. Yamaha's innovative hardware is legendary for reliability, durability, and versatility. Utilizing manufacturing processes perfected in the Yamaha motorcycle factory, Yamaha system drum hardware is the most ... more info

Do you demand serious performance from your kick drum? Then you need a Tama HP910LCB Speed Cobra kick drum pedal. Engineered for performance like a fine Italian sports car, the HP910LCB Speed Cobra is sleek, responsive, and freakishly fast. Not only does ... more info

Play drums and guitar at the same time with the Logjam Logarhythm electronic stompboard. The Logarhythm percussion foot pedal puts out a nice round bassy kick drum without the need for a drum machine. Plug a normal mono guitar lead into the Logjam Logarhy ... more info

Upgrade your drum kit with the HP200P Iron Cobra 200 single kick drum pedal. Designed with the same ideas as the Iron Cobra 900, the 200 gives you the performance you want at a killer price. Tama's Spring Tight pedal spring adjustment, the HP200P gives yo ... more info

Deluxe, Heavy-Duty Pro Quality Drum Pedal is built to take it. Chain-drive mechanism. Multiple-style beater. Includes drum key. ... more info

We've reengineered the pedal that established our reputation for innovation and quality. Because innovation is part of our DNA we thought it was time for some major improvements. Most notably, the toe clamp. The 5000 needed more gripping strength, providi ... more info

The KAT Silent Strike Bass Drum Beater is designed specifically for electronic drum sets. This uses a tennis ball as the beater and will minimize the wear and tear on your bass drum pad while still producing an excellent response. ... more info

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