Top 20 Best Selling Drip Irrigation Kits Automatic Irrigation Equipment (2019)

These watering spikes from master craft are an economical way to create your own watering system for your potted plants. Simply fill a used water or soda bottle with tap water and screw the spike on the bottle and push the spike into the soil. Perfect for ... more info

BC25-10PK Features: -Barbed couplings.-Connect 0.25'' tubing , 0.25'' emitter tubing or tap into the side of 0.5'' tubing. Dimensions: -Width: 0.25''. ... more info

Includes faucet connection kit, 1/2'' emitter tubing, 1/2'' tubing, 1/4'' tubing fittings, and emitter tool. For applications up to 75 sq. ft. ... more info

4 pack 1 2 barbed tee connects 3 pieces of 1 2 tubing in a T shape. ... more info

BC50-4PK Features: -Barbed couplings.-Connect 0.5'' tubing or 0.5'' emitter tubing. Dimensions: -Width: 0.5''. ... more info

From The Manufacturer This handy Rain Bird kit provides all of the parts and tools commonly needed to repair and expand a drip irrigation system. It contains 112 universal parts such as spot emitters, tubing connectors and stakes. Beneath the top removabl ... more info

EC50-2PK Features: -End closures.-Use with 0.5'' tubing or 0.5'' emitter tubing to allow easy flushing and draining of the system. Dimensions: -Width: 0.5''. ... more info

Rainbird emitter tool is multifunctional which simplifies adding or removing spot watering emitters and plugs. ... more info

This automatic container and hanging baskets kit has everything you need to get started with drip irrigation and stop watering your plants by hand. Three simple steps to install this kit: step 1 - connect to water source, step 2 - lay out the supply tubin ... more info

This 1/2 poly drip watering hose with 500' coil is a professional quality hose in coils from 50 - 1000 ft. ... more info

Apply water just where you want it — and not where you don't. With the Snip-n-Drip Raised Bed Soaker System you can easily create a convenient and streamlined watering system for your raised beds. No special tools required — just use scissors to cut the h ... more info

These 6-inch heavy duty support stakes Hold 1/4 drip tubing securely in place. Being able to place drip watering near the root of the plant improves the health and growth of the plant. These stakes make it fast and easy to add, change and adapt your drip ... more info

Water your garden with ease, simply stake down the drip line in your garden bed and attach the garden hose. Works great with a timer this universal kit can be used on any raised or elevated garden bed. ... more info

The orbit 2-port full-flow manifold attaches up to two 1/4-inch drip tubing lines to a 1/2-inch nipple or riser. It fits most drip or underground systems, and is great for watering individual plants, shrubs or pots. It is ideal for new installations or co ... more info

This drip irrigation kit contains contains everything you will need to go from hose bibb (faucet) to your potted plants. Waters up to 10 flower pots, planter boxes, or hanging baskets with drip emitters. ... more info

Rain Bird Landscape Dripline System MSH-2PK 180 deg Half-Circle Threaded Microspray - 2 Pack. True micro-spray with half-circle fan spray pattern, ideal for mass plantings, ground cover, annual flower beds and containers. Adjust flow/radius by turning out ... more info

1/2-Inch Connecting plug for the connecting pipe. Contains 5 pc. With Quick and Easy connection technology. ... more info

13.3 GPH at 30 PSI, 9.6' Dia. of throw. Use with stake and riser for full installation. Uniformly sprays water over a 1/2 circle area. ... more info

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