Top 20 Best Selling Dried Wild Grains & Rice (2021)

Growing delicious, healthful, gourmet rice and rice blends is our specialty. Lundberg family farms offers a variety of certified organic and eco-farmed rice products that have been grown and processed with careful concern for the environment. ... more info

A perfect complement to special meals, holidays and family gatherings, Long Grain & Wild Rice is a classic combination of wild and long grain rice blended with onions, garlic and spices. ... more info

Minnesota Cultivated Wild Rice This is wild rice commercially-grown in a man-made paddy versus organically-grown wild rice naturally grown in a lake or river. The distinctive taste of Gourmet House庐 wild rice deliciously complements meats, seafood or poul ... more info

Flavored by nature. Microwavable. Quick cooking four rice blend. Great as a side dish, salad, or stuffing. Makes about three, 3/4 cup servings. ... more info

Lipton has joined Knorr, the flavor experts, to bring you a range of new and exciting food ideas. All of the Lipton Side Dishes now carry the Knorr name and will continue to have the same great taste and quality that you know and love. ... more info

One of the oldest ancient grains enjoyed by native tribes of North America was originally known as Indian rice. ... more info

Grown and harvested in Minnesota our Quality Wild Rice is 100% natural. Quality Wild Rice is comprised of the world's finest gourmet grain, graded Grade A. A healthy and nutritious rice containing no fat or cholesterol. ... more info

Organic Buckwheat Groats by Bobs Red Mill 16 oz Bag Organic Buckwheat Groats 16 oz Bag Buckwheat is a wonderful whole grain that's packed with nutrients especially protein. It has a mild and earthy nutty flavor. It makes an excellent side dish and can rep ... more info

The Red Lake Nation is proud to present their 100% Natural Minnesota Cultivated Wild Rice. The Chippewa nations grow and harvest this rice hoping you'll follow their traditions by sharing it with family and friends. ... more info

Natural long-grain rice that has a nutty aroma and taste with wild rice and natural pecan flavoring. Wild Pecan Aromatic Rice is a naturally grown long-grain rice with a nutty aroma and taste. for a delicious change, try adding the packet of wild rice an ... more info

Nature's Earthly Choice - Minnesota Cultivated Wild Rice - 12 oz. (340g) Nature's Earthly Choice Minnesota Cultivated Wild Rice is one of the oldest ancient grains enjoyed by native tribes of North America, Wild Rice was originally known as Indian Rice. W ... more info

Bamboo rice is short grain white rice infused with pure, fresh bamboo juice. This product is all natural. When cooked, it is pale green and tends to be quite moist, causing the grains to stick together. This rice is great for sushi. Kosher Parve under K o ... more info

Our premium Canadian Organic Wild Rice comes from Canada's pristine northern lakes. It is certified organic, wild harvested, and has a jumbo grain that is 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch long. Wild rice is often served as a healthy side dish or used as a major ingr ... more info

Rye can be used in soups, breads, stews, stuffings as a breakfast porridge, substituted for rice and added to pilafs and casseroles. Similar texture to Wheat Berries. ... more info

Our Northern Minnesota wild rice is Native American hand harvested the old way, in a canoe. This traditional gathering rite has been used by our ancestors for generations. Please don't confuse this with paddy grown wild rice! They look and taste complet ... more info

Rice-A-Roni Long Grain & Wild Rice Our Rice-A-Roni Long Grain & Wild Rice blends tender long grain and wild rice with herbs to create a hearty side dish that's perfect when served with your family's favorite chicken, pork, and beef recipes. Warm Chic ... more info

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