Top 20 Best Selling Drain Augers Drain Cleaning Equipment (2021)

The Zip-It drain-clearing tool is the amazingly fast and easy way to clear clogged and slow-running drains in the sink, shower, or bath tub. The insert measures 17 inches and needs to be discarded after each use. This is a great, environmentally friendly ... more info

FlexiSnake Inc is the inventor of the hook & loop hair-clog tool for instantly opening slow bathroom drains. The Drain Millipede is our toughest tool with over 4000 hair-snagging micro-hooks. It features a flexible steel core, allowing it to coil up like ... more info


General Wire R-25SM Spin-Thru with 1/4 x 25' CableGeneral Wire R-25SM Spin-Thru with 1/4 x 25' Cable Features: Surprising quality in a low-priced tool Cable is held in place with a thumb screw Stamped steel drum has a 25' capacity High impact T handle is ... more info

Cobra, 1/4-inch x 25-foot High Carbon spring wire Drain Auger. Reusable storage tote. Clears small and medium household drains. Galvanized torque twist handle. ... more info

Reusable drain unclogger works without any harmful chemicals. Safe, simple, and easy-to-use. Can move a clog up to 1000' with standard household water pressure. 2 year warranty. No. 345: Size: 3/4'' to 1-1/2'', Package Type: Card No. 501: Size: 1'' to 2'' ... more info

1/2 X 3-6' Toilet Auger Extends Up To 6' Non-Slip Grip Handle Safety Guide Tubes To Protect The Porcelain Bulb-Type Head ... more info

7750125 Features: -Titan drainauger.-Canister auger.-Manual. Dimensions: -Overall dimensions: 300'' H x 0.25'' W. ... more info

1/4-Inch x 25-Feet high carbon spring wire. Clears small and medium household drains up to 25-Feet. High impact polymer housing with screw construction for long lasting durability. Quick lever cam lock for faster cable adjustment. Center balanced pist ... more info

This handy 3pc drain Snake Set Includes: Sink Snake, Shower & Tub Snake & Storage Hook clears slow drains with a twist of the wrist. No More Chemical Drain Cleaners! The turbo sink snake instantly clears slow moving drains, and the flexible design means t ... more info

7730010 Features: -Titan light duty toilet auger.-Unclogs household toilets.-Handle with safety guide tube.-Manual. Construction: -Steel construction. Dimensions: -Overall dimensions: 36'' H x 0.375'' W. ... more info

Helping Hands 10000 Zip It Drain Clog ToolHelping Hands 10000 Zip It Drain Clog Tool Features: Unclog your drains in seconds Easily unclogs your sink, shower, and bathtub drains No chemicals Environmentally safe Simply slip Zip It into drain and slowly pu ... more info

Cobra Products Inc., a division of Brass Craft Manufacturing Co.,聽has been a leading manufacturer of innovative聽drain cleaning聽tools and machines since 1980. Cobra products are widely distributed across North America at leading home centers and hardware s ... more info

Cobra 30500 50' Drain AugerCobra 30500 50' Drain Auger Features: High quality spring wire offers maximum flexibility for the tightest bends Use for small or medium household drains Rust resistant high grade, high carbon round diameter spring steel wire In ... more info

Flexi Snake utilizes hook-and-loop technology to snag drain hair on contact. The patented, hair snagging pad is the secret. It aggressively grabs drain hair and holds fast, providing the mechanical force needed to retrieve those tenacious clogs that chem ... more info

General Wire KR-RK Kinetic Water Ram Repair KitGeneral Wire KR-RK Kinetic Water Ram Repair Kit Includes: G-06 O-Ring G-10 Valve Seat Washer G-12 1/4 x 20 Hex Nut G-13 1/4 Lock Washer G-14 Cup Spreader G-15 Leather Cup G-25 E Ring G-26 Trigger Pin G-28 O-R ... more info

Plastic Drain Pan, Polypropylene Construction, Width 22 In, Length 22 In, Height 1 1/2 In, Features Chemical Resistant. Excellent for Containing Spills and Drips from Machinery, Vehicles, and Drums. ... more info

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