Top 20 Best Selling Dr. T’s Nature Products Havahart (2021)

5 LB, Mosquito & Gnat Granules, Long Lasting, Organic Granular Mosquito Repellent, Contains 3 Natural Oils, No Poisons, & Great Around Kids, Repellent Lasts To 2-3 Weeks, Pleasant Aroma, Easily Applied From Its Sprinkler Cap Or Fertilizer Spreader, Can Be ... more info

Dr. T's Nature Products Snake-A-Way is the only EPA registered granular snake product. It has greater than 91-Percent repellency for rattlesnakes and checkered garter snakes. 28-Pounds (Covers 3-1/2 Acres) ... more info

Dr. T's Nature Products Slug and Snail Killer is a new, unique natural product in the control of destructive slugs and snails ... more info

Repels rattlesnakes and checkered garter snakes from areas around houses, cabins, trailers, garages, wood piles, flower beds, etc. ... more info

Dr. T's Nature Products Mosquito Repelling Granules are made of Natural Biodegradable Formula that is Independently, Professionally Tested and Proven to Repel Mosquitoes. 25-Pounds (Covers 20,000 Square Feet) ... more info

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